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I have purchased many games from Humble Bundle and have been satisfied. I wish they had a bit more variety and selection. When I want to find free games, this isn’t my first choice. I’m a huge gamer. It’s a digital store for PC games that offers pa rt of the price to charities and the rest to game developers. You pay what you want, which is really cool. I love the selection of games, too. I really recommend checking it out if you love video games.

Humble Bundle includes so many games in there bundles that it might as well be the best free gaming website around. I would definitely recommend this to someone trying to increase there gaming library. Skyrim Games is a website where users can download over a hundred of the latest PC games for free. Users may also request games that are currently not available for download on the site.

This is among the best website which provide all games. There is a reasonable selection of free games at this site. However, a large fraction of them is targeted to younger children. I am an adult, so I wou ld like more games that I would enjoy.

However, what can one expect if the game is free. The site indeed has lots of casual games for my desktop, however some of them are being detected by my antivirus software as potentially harmful This is just okay. But for simple games to pass the time it’s ok. Toucharger gives you the chance of choosing if you want to buy or download a particular software. You will find apps, games and programs for the main operative systems of the world, and also access to a lot of free courses.

What makes the site more interesting than the others is that it not only adds free games regularly, but it tries to archive the products that tend to disappear and group them into compilations. It’s in french though, but it’s reliable and easily tran slated with online tools such as google translate or DeepL.

Fitgirlrepack is a website where you will find compressed games that you can download for free. By downloading smaller size archives you will be able to significantly save disk space on your computer and download more games instead.

Okay I dont think you can download PC games on Origin for free. Yeah there are times you can download games for free but those games are indeed free b ut paid games i dont think so. Origin is a new site that is making games avail able for free that might cost you quite a bit on other sites.

It allows me to try new games without having to shell out any money. Origin is EA’s online storefront. It’s kind of like steam, only the games are never on sale and the selection is small. This platform for downloading was really user friendly and the first page has free games and an explanation of the service right on it. It isn’t the b est site I have ever found for downloading free games but it will definitely be one that I come back to and check out often.

CroTorrents is a website that offers torrents for users. The site is made especially for downloading free games, publishing latest game updates, and game features. Users can access over steam games on this page. Am not really a fan of torrents. But I learned to love downloading torrent files after i discovered crotorrents lol!

With this i am able to download f or free PC games like Sniper Elite and many more. Yeah i know torrents are illegal but what if u are like me who dont have enough money to buy games More.

CorTorrents are a good place to download free PC games if your don’t mind torrenting. I tried it out and found a few games were pretty good. The speed to get them is ok as well.

I would not use this site a lot as the variety can be limited and I just pay for my games to get what I want anyway. However, for a quick download to try something out this is a good website.

So I didnt expect that this subreddit would be added here i was expecting a website. Looking for something to do in my free time, I figured I’d look for websites to download free PC games. I came across this subreddit called Free Games. While it does have some free games on there it’s not what I was looking for.

There games are for online flash. I’m looking for games I can download and play offline. I love Reedit free games and it is a great resource for downloading free PC games. I have found some other sites the I like more but this is a great s ite. This subreddit is a nice place to check for the latest free PC games.

GameTrex is a website which offers game downloads for site visitors free of charge. The contents of the website are sorted into different categories, with games ranging from retro-age to modern releases. It has the best list of PC games, you can download anything you want. AnoDL is a website where you will be able of downloading all kind of Apk Mod games and apps for Android completely for free. These apps would be also available on Google Play, but not for free.

I could not understand the logic of paying non-free games by freely with the help of this app. Is it cheating? Is it stealing? I do not trust any app with this property.

I would like to pay for the apps if I like them, not try different ways to get t hem free. Users can browse through their collection by genre or by year.

It also has a filter per platform. OldGamesDownload has the best list I have ever seen so far for PC games which you can download for free. And the best part? I’m surprised this is not on the list. OldGamesDownload lists some of the best old PC games released in the 80s, 90s and early 00s. Great resource to add to this list! Bullmask formerly known as CiniSearch is a Torrent site that offers free search and download of movies and TV series.

You can also look for e-books and apps using this site as well just by entering the title. Ocean of Games is a website that offers free download links for the latest game releases. Thanks to Ocean of Games i can now finally download PC games for free. And not just that they have direct downloads. That is what i like about this. I dont even want torrent downloads More.

Ocean of games is one of the most popular sites where you find your favourite choice of free Pc games. Personaly i would like to recommend this site t o everyone who wants to download free pc games. Games like Gta all parts, tekken games, dragon city apk , sports and actions games every type of games are available at this site. ApunKaGames is a website where you can download free full version of PC games of different genres from action, adventure, fighting, racing, shooting and many more.

It also provides you with instructions on how to download. Perfect website to download games specially in parts. And that there are also plenty of games in their catalog that you will RetrosGames is a website where users can download different retro and old school games. It also offers emulators for every console games that allows users to play on desktop and on their mobile devices. In RetrosGames you will find the old good games to download for free and play them in your computer.

I recomend it. GameTop is an online website that offers users to download freeware games from arcade classics to modern games. It provides games that are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. I’ve downloaded a lot of free games from this site over several years. You can see from the link that they are always working to add to the collection. Storm Of Games is a website that provides users with a wide collection of PC games which they can download for free. The site offers action, fighting, racing, shooting, and sports games.

It also includes screenshots of the gameplay. I had never seen a great PC games free website like storm of games I had downloaded many games its such an awesome website all of games are working.

It features action games, adventure games, simulator games, strategy games, racing games, and sports. Too many pop-up ads that annoys me just to enter this website.

Not recommending this to anyone if you want to download PC games. Just check out there other solutions here. The site’s contents are sorted into genres and can be accessed easily by page visitors. It also offers games that are normally platform-exclusive.

Very thankful that i found this website where i can download for free pc games. And so far i havent encountered any issues like when i finish my downl oads i get a virus. And that there are also plenty of games in th eir catalog that you will Top Games Free is a website for downloading games in different genres such as action, adventure, racing, sports, and more. This site also categorizes games by file size.

TopGamesFreeDownload is a website that offers full downloadable free games for PC including the latest releases, repacks, mods, and HD versions.

Yo u can download the games via different Direct Download services and every game comes with a download and installation guide. Pcgamefreetop is a website where users can download games for their computers for free. Aside from free games, the website also offers tutorials an d game requests from the users. Ripgamesfreedownload is a website where users can download games for their computers for free. Aside from free games, the website also offers tutorial s and game requests from the users.

Ripgamesfreedownload More. It also features the latest news and videos in the gaming industry. PcMac Games is a website that offers games for Windows and Mac computers. It includes different genres of games like sports, adventure, role-playing, dress-up, and general entertainment types of games.

Pcmac games lets you download some of the best games and titles not yet on PC. It’s tutorials are spot on and the gamer score it gives each game offers an insight into whether a game is worth your time. Apun Ka Gamese is a website for downloading free PC games. It has an extensive library which can be filtered into genres like action, adventure, racing, and more. It also has tutorials for downloading the games and Winrar setups. Very nice And working good for me easy to use easy to download without ads.

There are more than Download PC Games 88 is a website for downloading computer games for free. It includes games in different genres such as adventure, action, racing, simulation and more. Personaly i would like to recommend this site to everyone who wants to This site also features torrent sides, software downloads, step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials, and many more.

GOG offers a vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free items and with a day money-back guarantee. If you are in the market for new games or are more so looking for classic games for PC or Mac, then I’d recommend to check out Gog. They offer a wide selection of games for PC and Mac, have great deals and offers, and even have a community for fellow game players to interact with each other!

GOG is a great online gaming store, and they always have great sales going on. However, I think we are looking for an all-around store. Games Torrents is a website for downloading games and mods. It also has a section for game guides, tips, and tricks.

At first i was hesistant if i should download PC games here because i am very unfamiliar with how torrent downloading works. But after i watched tutor ials i figured it out and now i have been downloading games via torrent but i find the games here on Game Torrents first More. NgeGame is a website which provides free download of the latest and popular computer video games.

However, this website only provides a torrent magnet URL link, which means the Utorrent software should be installed on your PC. Origin is very similar to Steam and has a vast collection of ultimate PC Games. Also, Steam offers plenty of free games during the year, and it is worth downloading and keeping.

But similar to Steam, most of the games are paid on the Origin platform, and you will have to buy these to play. But there is a good thing, from time to time, Origin also offers many games for free.

You can easily download these games and keep them on your PC and play them later. You will have to shell out money for most new Games like Need for Speed, Battlefield, and other sports games. Also, like Steam huge number of Origin games are online and need you to have a genuine copy of the game. You can get some cheap deals on Origin during summer sales and other sales during the year.

It is a great option to try out some new games and later decide if you wish to spend the money on buying some of these. Skidrow is the biggest name when it comes to getting the latest PC games for free. You can safely download all the new PC games from the skidrow reloaded dot com. There are tons of games over even over 20 GB or 50 GB in size that you can download in parts and then unzip to play them.

You can access the tons of latest games on this website and can easily download the zipped files and later uncompress to play the games. The website has a massive collection of free-to-download games.

Some of these are legit, while others are cracked versions. You may like the best games from or the best games of There are several titles available at discounts, such as Witcher 3, Cyberpunk , Bloodstained, and Frostpunk, that you get at a fraction of the price. Safety — It is not always safe to download non-genuine copies of the games as they can have viruses, malware, adware, and other security issues. The best way to play the games is to download them from the official website by paying the developers who have worked hard.

Also, I insist you buy a game and play if you want to have unlimited fun without any glitches. I am the founder and editor at Candytech, started the website in Follow me on Twitter or Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay in touch. View all posts by Kanuj Sharma.


Websites to Download PC Games | 19 Best Sites in – What is Abandonware?

8 Skidrow reloaded. The best sites to download free PC games ; Origin. Steam ; Steam. Good Old Games (GOG) ; Mega Games. replace.me ; replace.me Epic Games Store ; Epic.


Best pc games sites for download


It is kind of a struggle to find out working PC game torrenting sites in because of the constant upheaval they go through.

Talking about the current times, I managed to pick properly working and versatile torrent sites which have huge database of PC and other games. There is no limit over the number of torrent websites available right now but not all of them are reliable and working. And hence after quite some research, I picked these 15 best game torrent websites which are mentioned below to find games on.

In other words, It offers you list of different torrenting sites as its name sounds. In short, it is a user friendly torrent sites directory. It offers you links URLs of torrents websites not torrent files. For torrent files, browse below listed websites. The Pirate Bay has best pc games sites for download really huge database of not just games but moviesmusic как сообщается здесь, apps, eBooks по этому адресу much more, The Pirate Bay gives an opportunity to the users to have it all under one roof.

Talking about PC games in particular, then you have more than options of best pc games sites for download to browse from and there is no way you cannot find any game on The Pirate Bay. If for some reason the site is blocked in your region then you can use VPN service to access как сообщается здесь. Another popular option of torrent site for games is X. It actually has a very detailed and elaborated list for all types of games no matter which console do they belong to.

However, X is not entirely dedicated to games only. Furthermore, you can sort the games on the basis of seeders, leechers, size and time.

If you want to upload games on your own then you can register on the site for this. The list for PC games on X is pretty huge with totally working torrent seeds. The ad-free platform is another bonus for the user on this site. In order to get access to variety of video game torrents, you need to get your hands on this site called Seedpeer. It has this amazing collection of games, music, movies, booksanime нажмите для продолжения all types of entertaining torrent files.

The site has a very clean interface and you can find the category of games on the home page itself. The disappointing fact about Seedpeer is that it does not have any further categorization for the games.

Which means you would have to figure out on your own that which ones of them are for PC. The listing is done properly with the total time, size, seeds, health and peers of the game mentioned in it. RARBG is not just another name amongst the PC game torrenting sites but it is more sort of a permanent go to destination for most users for games, movies, books and everything else. In fact, RARBG might be the only site which also features quick news editorials and current happenings around the corner.

However, pop-ups and ads on the site might annoy a bit while looking for your favorite video games out here. However, the site mainly sticks to PC games and this is why I think you should prefer this over other torrent sites to look out best pc games sites for download your favorite modern and classic PC games.

If you are looking for such PC game torrenting sites which are entirely dedicated to games only then check out Games Torrent for it.

You can also order a game on the site if you are not able to find one. There are other criteria available for classifications like language, quality, region, format etc. A simple and edgy interface helps further to the user for excellent navigation.

Click on the desired console to check out the entire list where you can find a well-arranged database of thousands of games with their torrent seeds.

I really loved the abundance of database on this site and I am sure you are going to love it too. If you have not heard about Crotorrents then you are missing out on one of the best torrent sites for games which has largest torrenting database of the games ever. Now, this one is something which is all about the video games and they have organised it so well.

You can go through the genres where you get to best pc games sites for download options like action, racing, horroropen world etc. Crotorrents also allows you to request a game on their site and this is why I think it is no less than a heaven for the game lovers. However, the site has not added any filter to sort out games and they are given in chronological order only which is kind of a big headache.

Chances are на этой странице you would not have heard of Skidrow and Reloaded before but trust me, you are going to love this addition into best pc games sites for download list of PC game torrenting sites. A site dedicated to multiple games belonging to variety of consoles, Skidrow is something which will never disappoint you, no matter what game is it. It has PC games, repacks, updates and more of it. You can also request a game if it is not available on the site in the current time.

You can also find console based games on the site as well. But what I did not like is that everything is just too plain and there is no scope best pc games sites for download categorization увидеть больше filters. So, ultimately you would have to check out the whole list of the games.

Lime Torrents is such a popular option of PC game torrenting sites and of course it is quite versatile too. Best pc games sites for download can even create an account in here to access some of the members only benefits of the site.

Like most of the torrent sites, this one also does not have any filters of classification process. But thankfully, the database is too large to explore. In every minutes new game is added in the list and the same applies to the rest of the torrent files too like movies, apps нажмите для продолжения, TV showsanime etc.

Each game is mentioned along with its size and other information to make it clear for the user. You can find a huge list of PC game torrents on BTScene Torrents but the site is not that clean in terms of interface. Ads are regular but services are pretty good with a huge database of games to offer. Apart from games, you can also discover torrent seeds of various other files in here like movies, apps, software, eBooks etc.

Although there is no proper categorization on the basis of console but each game is tagged along with its platform. This makes it simpler for the user to pick their desired game from a really huge list. If you are not able to best pc games sites for download any game then simply search for it in the site.

Best pc games sites for download site is updated on everyday best pc games sites for download but not as fast as game-centric torrent sites. Choose from only verified games options and ditch the other PC game torrenting sites for Torlock. The ads in-between might annoy you but the database is totally worth that.

You can also create an account on the site for various special features. Each game is mentioned along with its detailed like size, time of update, seeds, peers and its health. The site can definitely provide the most working torrent seeds of the games ever. There is no room for the classification between PC games and other ones so you can definitely go for the direct search for it.

But of course, with so much versatility you can definitely find the desired game in here. The site is all нажмите для продолжения PC games only and features a really huge list for the same as well. Это trial adobe acrobat pro dc free from direct games, you can also discover PC games repacks here too.

You can also find games on the basis of their genres too like action, simulation, RPG, adventurestrategy and many more. There are tutorials for the games provided too. With an advanced search option with so many tags like isometric, horror, comedy, 2. This is not a particular site for game torrents but you can definitely discover some amazing options in here.

The site is free to access, fast in accessing best pc games sites for download put together a great database in various categories. However, you need to install a TorrentDB client and enter a valid email address in order to access and download the content of the website. We have another option for the list of PC game torrenting sites and this time the site totally belongs to gaming only.

With so many options by your side I am sure it will be kind of difficult to make out which ones to choose. The site has such a huge and versatile list and all the games belong to PC only. You can also join their community in order to be able to best pc games sites for download for a particular game to be uploaded on the site. Download Games Torrent is all about gaming for the people who best pc games sites for download to discover various games belonging to various consoles.

So, this pick amongst the PC game torrenting sites is going to be a mix between various games of various platforms. You can also directly search for your desired game as well. A very clean and simple interface best pc games sites for download people who do not have any time to waste when it comes to gaming. And you can also join their community for the discussion too. To be true, Zooqle is just another random torrent site but you can definitely discover various game torrents out here.

Although the interface is decent but ads are regular with the navigation. VPN connection is advised to be used while accessing this site. However, as I noticed the site is not updated on regular basis when it comes to the games section.

So, I think this is going to be pretty lukewarm for avid gamers. You got to accept the fact that no matter how illegal it is in some countries to use torrent sites, still people prefer these sites. Not only for games but for movies, eBooks, software and everything else. But keeping up with a reliable VPN connection is a must while browsing them in order to maintain your privacy and keep your identity hidden.

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