Are Metal Detectors Dangerous?

Security metal detectors are becoming more common in our society as shootings, terrorist threats, and violence increase. Some people are worried about the health effects of the radiation the devices emit.

In case you weren’t aware, security metal detectors employ radiation to bounce their beams off things to determine their contour. This is the radiation that is causing concern. Is there, however, cause for concern?

Are Security Metal Detectors a Health Risk?

The quantity of radiation emitted by a security metal detector when you walk through it is negligible compared to the annual amount of radiation you are exposed to simply by strolling about.

Metal detectors do not generate much radiation and pose no health danger. The radiation emitted is relatively safe even for persons who frequently fly or pass through metal detectors.

Are They Harmful To Pregnant Women?

The radiation emitted by security metal detectors is significantly lower than what we are exposed to daily. The amount of radiation emitted is safe, according to the Health Physics Society. There is no long-term damage when the baggage handler or metal detector passes food, medicine, baby bottles, or anything else. As a result, pregnant ladies and their luggage/baby supplies are safe from security metal detectors.

You shouldn’t be concerned about the radiation from security metal detectors if you’re pregnant. This is only a problem if you are exposed to it for a long time. If you work around metal detectors often, keep a safe distance and monitor the radiation levels.

Are They Harmful to People with PaceMakers?

Metal detectors’ potential impact on people with pacemakers is a significant source of public health concern. However, since metal detectors typically don’t generate a potent magnetic field, there’s little need to worry that they’ll disrupt the pacemaker.

Metal detectors have been reported to the FDA as possibly interfering with pacemakers. Unfortunately, these reports predate 1998. Back then, there were significant developments in pacemakers—no need to be anxious about passing through metal detectors if you wear a pacemaker. Since the released radiation is so mild, your pacemaker will be safe. A metal detector’s only effect on a pacemaker is to trigger the alarm; otherwise, the two have no interaction.

Final Thoughts

The amount of radiation emitted from these devices is pretty safe. You receive more radiation daily from other things, like the sun. A few metal detector scans here won’t have much effect on your body; even if you’re a frequent flyer or someone who often passes through a metal detector, the likelihood of you having adverse effects from the radiation isis very slim.

There is radiation from these devices, but there’s no doubt about it. You may request a pat down instead of a full body scan if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or do not wish to be subjected to radiation. You can ask for a pat down or show your pacemaker identification card to the security officer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go through a metal detector with metal in your body?

Sometimes the metal implant will set off the alert. However, it does not cause any harm to your physical being. Metal detectors create a safe electromagnetic field for searching.

Do metal detectors have EMF?

The hand-held metal detector does not emit radiation like an X-ray machine. It uses an electromagnetic field (EMF) to detect metals. The metal detection wand has two essential parts: a Transmitter Coil that creates the EMF and a Receiver Coil that detects other magnetic fields.

Will a bra set off a metal detector?

Many say that underwire bras set off the metal detectors at the airport, but this is not always true. Thousands of people wear them each day without any problems. If you are worried about it, you can try wearing a bra with plastic, strapless, or sports bra.

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