Just like any other repair or improvement project, electrical work requires tools. These tools can make you more efficient while also ensuring your safety. It’s important to pick the right tools for the job to be as proficient as possible.

This blog will discuss the most important electrical tools and equipment used in Engineering and Manufacturing Industries. The following are the details of the tools you should know about before making a purchase:

Electrical Pliers

Pliers are a piece of essential electrical equipment. They hold objects, bend, compress, cut, or twist wires. Long nose pliers and side-cutting pliers are the most popular types of pliers. Consider the following factors when purchasing the best pair of pliers for both commercial and residential use:

  • The grips of pliers should be insulated.
  • They should have the ability to cut wires neatly with ease.
  • They should have grips of good quality material to ensure better handling.
  • Pliers may slip in applying pressure, and they should be able to handle strain and form while minimizing slipping.

Electric Tape Measure

There have been different inventions to help measure lengths easily. Some of these include digital-monitor tapes, lasers, and other advanced innovations. However, the tape measure is still one of the cheapest options available. It can be used for electrical purposes and hanging frames, posters, and paintings on the wall. Before you go out and get a durable tape measure, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You can use a digital measuring device if it is difficult to read the lines on a measuring tape. However, an analog measurement tape is better for beginners.
  • The tape should be made with strong, rigid, and durable plastic.
  • Avoid purchasing one with a magnetic tip, as it tends to break easily.
  • For durability, you should use a coat of Mylar polyester film or any other good material.

Electric Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a tool used to fasten or loosen screws. It is a basic tool, but screwdrivers have different types and qualities. Electricians need to pick the right one for the job, and we hope our suggestions will help with that. Consider the requirements while keeping the budget in mind.

  • A medium-sized screwdriver in your kit will suit most projects in general.
  • Ensure insulated handles for better safety.
  • If you have to work with tiny screws daily, we suggest you use a smart powered screwdriver. This will save you the most time.
  • Make sure the Screwdriver toggle between forward and reverse with ease.
  • We suggest a lithium-ion battery for a powered screwdriver, so you don’t have to stop working to recharge.
  • Make sure it is durable and light-weighted.

Flash Light

A torch is a hand-held electric light that is very important in electrical projects. This is because most projects require flashlights, which are not as good as torches for repairing work in dark places like the inside electrical boxes. A flashlight consists of an LED (Light-emitting diode) mounted on a reflector and a transparent cover to protect the light source and reflector.

The flashlight has a battery and switch because it is portable. Here are some suggestions for you to think about before buying a flashlight. Consider your budget and your requirements.

  • If you are having difficulty determining the brightness of an LED, you can select one with five modes that can be toggled. This is better appropriate for long-term use.
  • Some torches get hot after being used for a long time. If you need to use it for more than 3 hours, you should check if the torch can handle that long of a time.
  • You can consider an IP rating if you need to use touches in critical weather situations. This will help you stay safe and protected.
  • You can also check its life span of intense brightness on one charge.
  • It is better to have a USB charging cable in flashlights. This is because they are easily available and replaceable.
  • The flashlight should be light and durable for daily use. It should be made from a strong material, like aluminum alloy.

Voltage Tester

A voltage tester is a tool used to determine whether or not there is electricity flowing between two points in a circuit. A digital voltage tester has batteries, a probe, and a cord or another probe on the other end.

  • A Tester must detect voltage accurately in cables, cords, etc.
  • A simple pocket clip is convenient for storage and quick access.
  • The batteries used in the digital tester should be re-chargeable or easily available.
  • You should always check the maximum voltage it can measure before buying it.

Wire Crimping Tool

Many electrical problems are caused by bad wire connections. Crimping is a way of connecting wires without soldering. A wire crimper is a tool to connect a wire to a connector or lug. The crimper connects the wire to the metal part by deforming them or at least one. Before purchasing a wire crimper, you must verify the following:

  • A connection created with a wire crimper should be able to withstand a 90-degree bend in any direction without causing insulation damage or crimping failure.
  • A pull test can be done by hanging weight to the crimped wire to check whether the connection can afford pull effects or not.


Multiple electrical quantities, including voltage, current, and resistance, can be measured using the multimeter. You can find the quantity you want to measure by rotating the knob to the labeled mark. Multimeters can also be used for checking the continuity of an electrical circuit. This is done by placing both probes at the two ends between which continuity is required to be observed. Some multimeters are also installed with a temperature measuring system.

Multimeters nowadays also can measure DC voltage and current. When looking for a multimeter, we should keep in mind the following:

  • The multimeter should be able to measure a range high enough to cover the values of the circuits for which it will be used.
  • It is highly recommended that you check the multimeter’s maximum possible error in reading observation before purchasing.
  • If your multimeter is required for delicate electronics, you should get a multimeter with a higher impedance.

Soldering Iron

Soldering is a technique used to connect different types of metals together. It is often used to connect metals to electrical/electronic circuits. The tools needed for soldering are a soldering iron, de-soldering pump, holder, and soldering wire. When choosing these tools, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • The wattage of the soldering iron must be verified according to the type of circuit for which it will be utilized.
  • The soldering iron should not take a lot of time to heat up.
  • Desoldering pump should be able to remove soldering quickly and easily.
  • The holder must withstand the weight of soldering iron.

Electric Drill

An electric drill is a tool to make holes in things like metal sheets or other surfaces. People use it in electrical systems to build different types of electrical equipment. It is driven by an electric motor. When people are looking for a drill, they need to think about the following things:

  • There should be a wide range of speeds for drill.
  • The drill should be easy to hold because it feels and looks.
  • The drill you choose should be able to handle the voltage in the area where you will be using it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Basic Electrical Tools

What Is the Difference Between Electrical Tools and Equipment?

A tool is anything that is used to help achieve a goal. This can be something like equipment which usually refers to a set of tools used for a specific job. However, there are also non-mechanical tools. When someone says equipment, they usually mean tools with a mechanical aspect.

Do Electricians Have Tools?

Electricians use different tools for their job. These tools are special because they are tailored to the job. Electricians have to measure things that can’t be seen. This is difficult for people who are not electricians. They also have to measure quantities that can be dangerous.

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