The Best Coil For Equinox 800

The coil on the Equinox 800 metal detector is essential. It sends out an electromagnetic signal into the ground and finds treasures. So, what is the best coil for the Equinox 800 metal detector?

Whether you are using a Minelab CTX 3030 or Equinox 800, choosing the best coil is important to make your job a lot easier. The ideal coil for the Equinox 800 is the Minelab 15” DD Smart Coil. This coil can fit any Equinox model and is safe in wet and dry situations. It’s among the most highly-rated products for the Equinox 800, mainly because of its lower price point and top-notch scanning and receiving potential.

You can make many different upgrades and additions to your Equinox 800. But the 15” DD Smart Coil is one of the best. It can do a lot for your machine. Also, there are many other Equinox 800 accessories available in the market to help you with your treasure hunting. Here are some other good upgrades to consider.

The Best Coils For Equinox 800 Metal Detectors

There are many different companies that make products for metal detecting. Some of these companies make excellent products. You should always ensure to check the coils before adding them to the Equinox since after-market parts could require special adapters to connect.

The 15” Coil from Minelab is a Must-Have Upgrade!

The 15 DD Smart Coil is a critical piece of equipment for your metal detector. It helps the metal detector find things better. Minelab is very proud of this coil because it makes their other products better.

One of the things that makes this model stand out in its construction. It is made with high-quality materials, including solid, submersible plastic and the best sensing technology. Minelab always uses top-of-the-line components, and with the 15” DD Smart Coil, they have created an affordable product for both beginners and veterans alike.

The DD Smart Coil does not have the scanning area of larger models. However, it is still a good coil. It competes with coils that are two or three times its price. You cannot go wrong with a Minelab’s 15” DD Smart Coil.

The 6” Smart Coil is an Incredible Choice for New Treasure Hunters

One of the benefits of Equinox is that you can start with a low-priced machine and work your way up to a more pricey one. The 6” Coil also works well underwater, which is great for beach searchers who need the features they need but don’t want to be limited in where they can search.

The Smart Coil has a downside: its size. When the signal is transmitted, it works in the area covered by the coil. This means that smaller coils require more passes over the site you hunt, which takes longer and means you have to search for a longer time.

The technology inside the coils is pretty impressive. The Smart Coil works so well because it’s made with some of the best wires and components in the metal detector game. As a result, Minelab makes high-quality products that you can trust.

The Minelab’s 17” Coil is a True Gem

One of the most expensive and impressive coils on the market is known as the Minelab 17”. It’s customer rated just a bit less than the 15” coil, but the price scares most people away. Also, this coil covers more ground which means that you can search with greater depth and find more things.

Metal detectors can be expensive. The 17” coil is just a small part of what you can enhance on the Equinox models, and new products are going to hit you right in the wallet every time. All that technology is expensive! So get ready to spend money to attach one of these to your model 800 Equinox.

The 17” coil is one of the best because it sends a powerful radio signal that can be filtered to find specific minerals and metals. It can avoid getting signals from bottle tops.

An 11” Minelabs Smart Coil is an Efficient Device

It can be a turn-off to get something that is not very good. Entry-level things usually don’t have many upgrades. You might also not have access to the things you need while looking for treasure in the Everglades with an entry-level coil. The 11” coil made by Minelabs is a good coil with similar upgrades as the 15” and 17” coils.

The downside to this model is its size. The 6” coil is good for people who are looking for fun, but the 11” takes it to the next level with nearly twice the coil area. Coil size is essential because it helps you find goodies hidden beneath the ground. After locating the treasures, you can use a metal detector shovel to dig up the items.

A starter coil for metal detecting is an 11” coil. It is suitable for finding things in your backyard and public beaches. You can also use it to find things in more difficult areas, like dried-up creek beds. Using an 11” coil is a good way to start out, and then you can upgrade to a more expensive detector later on.

Conclusion about the Coil For Equinox 800

The Minelabs 15” Smart Coil is a good way to improve your Equinox 800. If you stick with products made by Minelab, you don’t have to worry about adapters or connectors for off-brand equipment.

Choose a coil that fits your budget and your needs. For example, if you are looking for a metal detector to use in a large open area, you will need one that is bigger than if you are only looking for objects in your backyard.

You can check out this link to learn more about metal detection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Coil For Equinox 800

What’s the best coil for Equinox 800?

The ideal coil for the Equinox 800 is the Minelab 15” DD Smart Coil. This coil is perfect for any Equinox model, and it can be used in wet or dry conditions. Plus, it is one of the most popular coils because it offers great scanning and receiving potential while being more affordable than other coils.

Is a bigger coil better for metal detecting?

The size of a coil can influence a metal detector’s detection depth and sensitivity. Larger coils can cover more ground and detect metals at greater depths.

What size coil is best for metal detecting?

Small coils are usually around 4 inches wide and are suitable for high trash areas. They’re also preferable in confined areas. Another advantage to small coils is that they’re less likely to be impacted by electromagnetic interference. They can be good for nuggets for gold prospecting if they’re close to the surface.

What is the difference between Equinox 600 and 800?

The Equinox 600 comes with wired headphones. The Equinox 800 comes with Bluetooth headphones that have low latency. The 600 also has Bluetooth technology, but you have to buy the WM 08 wireless module and headphones separately.

How do you increase the depth of a metal detector?

The Equinox 600 comes with wired headphones. The Equinox 800 comes with Bluetooth headphones that have low latency. The 600 also has Bluetooth technology, but you have to buy the WM 08 wireless module and headphones separately.

What is a DD coil?

Double-D coils have two wire windings that overlap in the shape of two D’s. The benefits of using a Double-D coil are that it is very stable (especially in the heavily mineralized ground), has good depth, and is very sensitive. This means it will require less overlap when used.

Where are Nel coils made?

NEL company was founded in 2009 in Ukraine. We got ISO9001 certification in October 2016. We have been making products that are better for customers based on this guideline.

Are metal detector coils interchangeable?

No, you usually can’t interchange metal detector coils because they are made for specific metal detectors.

How many coils does a metal detector have?

The most common way to find metal is by using beat-frequency oscillator (BFO) technology. This system uses two coils of wire. One coil is located in the search head, and the other is in the control box.

Are Minelab coils interchangeable?

The Minelab X-Terra series is unique because it operates at one frequency, but that frequency can be changed by changing the coils.

Are Coiltek coils waterproof?

Coiltek NOX waterproof coil is fully submersible – up to 3 meters. People’s experience indicates that the Coiltek NOX coil is very accurate and sensitive for finding small targets.

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