The Best Silver Coins to Buy: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to buying silver coins, there are many options. So, which ones should you buy? This comprehensive guide will discuss the best silver coins to purchase to get the most value for your money.

What Are the Best Silver Coins to Buy Around the World?

Silver coins are a great way to put your money into valuable metals. They have intrinsic value and can act as an alternative to Gold. However, with so many different Silver coins available, it can be hard to know which ones to buy. It depends on what kind of investment you are looking for.

Silver coins have been used for trade for a long time. For example, ancient Greeks used silver coins and hallmarked silver ingots.

The history of silver is too long to discuss in this article. However, it can help us understand some of the best Silver coins to buy. There is a big difference between ancient Silver coins meant for circulation and modern ones. There is an even more significant difference between bullion and Silver coins. We will mention a few great ways to get exposed to silver in the former cases and then focus on what bullion coins are the best Silver coins to buy.

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United States Mint – 1 oz. Silver Eagle

Austrian Mint – 1 oz. Silver Philharmonic Coin

Royal Canadian Mint – 1 oz. Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Perth Mint – 1 oz. Silver Kangaroo

The Top 10 Silver Coins to Buy:

These coins are made of 99.99% silver, and they are IRA, TFSA, and RRSP eligible. It means that you can put them in your retirement account. The coins are also certified by the COMEX and LBMA.

1. United States: United States Mint – 1 oz. Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle coin was first struck in 1986. It has been made in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point. The front of the coin has a design called Walking Liberty. The back of the coin has a design called Heraldic Eagle, Shield, and a five-pointed star. People often buy these coins to invest in precious metals. Tens of millions of these coins are sold every year to people in America and worldwide.

2. Austria: Austrian Mint – 1 oz. Silver Philharmonic Coin

The Austrian Mint started producing Silver Philharmonics in 2008. They have a face value of 1.50 Euro. The design on the front is of the Great Organ in Vienna’s Concert Hall. The back has different orchestral instruments. We recommend getting a Monster Box if you want to buy them because that will bring the price per oz down.

3. Canada: Royal Canadian Mint – 1 oz. Silver Maple Leaf Coin

One of Canada’s most famous exports is the Silver Maple Leaf coin. It has an excellent design that Canadians are proud of. Another reason they’re popular is that they are made with 0.9999 silver, while most other coins are only 0.999 fine.

Buying coins in bulk can help reduce the cost per ounce. You can find a Monster Box of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins here.

4. Australia: Perth Mint – 1 oz. Silver Kangaroo

The 1oz. The silver Kangaroo coin has been a popular choice for collectors and investors since Horst Hahne first designed it in 1993. The coin is known worldwide for its high-quality craftsmanship, just like other Commonwealth coins. It is available in regular and high relief and has a face value of 1 Australian dollar. The reverse features Australia’s national symbol, the Kangaroo, while the obverse bears an image of Queen Elizabeth II.

5. Mexico: Mexican Mint – 1 oz. Silver Libertad

The Mexican Mint makes some of the most beautiful 0.999 silver coins globally. As one of the significant silver-producing countries, the Mexican government wisely started exporting some of their precious metals.

The 1 oz Silver Libertad coin has a design of two volcanoes – Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl – with a winged Victoria of Mexican Independence on the obverse. On the reverse is the new Mexican coat of arms surrounded by the old design. Since the price of silver is still low, now might be a good time to buy it.

6. United Kingdom: The Royal Mint – 1 oz. Silver Britannia

The Royal Mint in Great Britain has been making the 1 oz Silver Britannia Coin for over 20 years. The coin’s design has changed a lot over time. The most recent change is the addition of designs to help with secure authentication. The 1 oz Silver Britannia Coin symbolizes great Britain’s pride and shows Lady Britannia’s temperance and strength. The design was created by Philip Nathan in 1987 and was meant to evolve into an icon. The coin is also an excellent investment for anyone who wants to stack bullion!

7. South Africa: RAND Mint – 1 oz. Silver Krugerrand

The Krugerrand coin was only available as a gold coin for over 50 years. However, in 2017 the South African Mint issued its first-ever 1 Oz Silver Krugerrand Coin, which was very popular. So popular that the Rand Refinery decided to offer a new silver bullion krugerrand. These beautiful coins come in a tube of 25 coins and a monster box containing 500 coins. The coin holds a denomination of 1 Rand and has a diameter of 38mm.

8. Mixed Origin: Junk Silver (10% to 92.5%)

People love to find silver coins that are not worth a lot of money. Silver coins from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States were made with different levels of silver. Some are more valuable than others. But all of these coins still have value because they are made from silver. They can also be a cheaper way to invest in precious metals. And they can be a great way to build a collection of historical coins that are also liquid (meaning people will want to buy them).

Another option for investors would be the 1 Oz Silver Kangaroo from the Perth Mint in Australia. This silver coin is top-rated and well known in bullion.

The Best Silver Coins to Buy When You Want to Buy Ancient Silver Coins

Seleucid Empire: Antiochus VII

The bust of Antiochus VII on the silver coin is very interesting. It has a crease in the silver mold that goes across the upper cheek of the king’s face. It makes it look like he has a horrible scar. It shows that he was known as the last crucial Seleucid king. It gives the silver coin some existential arrogance. A bust of Athena is on the other side. The best thing about this coin is how much it costs, about 450 USD. On the other side is an Athena bust. The best feature of this coin is its low price: around USD 450.

Egypt: King Ptolemy VI Coins

These coins that date back to 150 BC have the face of King Ptolemy VI on them. They are pretty small in size, but they are packed with history. Not only was Ptolemy VI king of Egypt, but he also married his sister and had four kids! If you’re looking for a fractional Silver coin to buy, these are a great option.

United States: Sunshine Mint 1/2 oz Silver Round

One thing that you don’t see every day is silver that is less than 1 oz. It is the Sunshine Mint 1/2 oz. Silver Round is made with the same expertise as the Mint’s famous 1 oz. Round, but it is made with .999 fine silver. Pieces of fractional Silver cost more to make and therefore hold a higher premium above spot, per oz, than your average 1 oz bar or round.

Final Thoughts

Think about which Silver coin is better for the long term. Which one has a better foundation? The quality of the cut and finish of the coin might be important in the short time, but the value of the commodity will be more critical in the long run.

Be sure to understand why you are buying a coin, whether it is for Christmas or investment purposes.

You can find cheaper silver items that still have a lot of value. You can look for bars, coins, and rounds that are not in perfect condition but are still worth a lot of money.

If you like to save money on your premiums, you can buy more significant pieces of silver. For example, the same products are available in 5 oz, Kilogram (32.15 troy oz), or 100 oz sizes!

Visit this site to acquire more information on how to get started in collecting coins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Silver Coins to Buy

Is It Worth It to Buy Silver Coins?

Silver can be a good investment because it is a physical asset that holds its value over time. It is also an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. Silver is a good option when interest rates are low because it offers long-term value.

Is 999 Fine Silver Worth Anything?

The 999 silver coins are more expensive than less pure options like the old 90% silver coins. However, 999 silver coins look better and have a higher value. 999 fine silver bars sell at a lower premium than coins for bullion purposes.

Will Silver Hit $100 an Ounce?

If inflation rates continue to increase, silver could become more expensive. In 2021, the inflation rate was around 5%. That was the highest rate since 2008.

Is Silver Easy to Sell?

Silver bars are popular because you can sell them quickly, and they always have a reasonable amount of value. If you want to make money on your investment, sell your silver bars when the market price for silver is higher than what you originally paid for it.

Are 1oz Silver Coins a Good Investment?

Silver bullion may not be the best investment option. It may not give as good a return as other investments, such as real estate or other metals. Some investors might find that mining stocks, especially silver stocks that pay dividends, are a better option than silver bullion.

Is the Silver Krugerrand a Good Investment?

One of the most famous coins in the world is the silver Krugerrand. It is very popular and has a robust secondary market. Investing in this coin will ensure that you have excellent liquidity for your portfolio. The silver version was recently released. It is a perfect addition to any silver portfolio because it is valuable and liquid.

Are Royal Mint Silver Coins a Good Investment?

Generally, collectors should not buy modern commemorative coins as investments. They are not expected to rise in value over time, and they are not accepted by shops or banks very often.

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