Coin Collector Magazines: The Best Way to Learn About Coins

When you start collecting coins, you will want to learn all you can think about them. This means reading books and articles and watching videos. You will also want to visit coin shows and talk to other collectors.

The best method to learn about new coins, collecting techniques, items, and discoveries is through magazines. They also help you stay up to date on the latest news.

This article will discuss seven magazines that can help you learn more about coin collecting and numismatics.

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Coin World

Canadian Coin News

The Coin and Banknote Magazine

Coin Collector

7 Magazines for Coin Collector

1. Coin World

Coin World is a magazine that is published in the United States. This magazine is perfect for both beginner and advanced collectors. It covers current trends and up-to-date news on coins in the US and worldwide.

The professional editorial staff consists of five writers who contribute to the magazine. They take their topics and research them in-depth.

Coin World is a comprehensive source of information for numismatics. It has been published since 1960 and provides valuable information for coin collectors.

There are two subscription choices: weekly and the other is monthly. The weekly option will give you more up-to-date information about money. However, the monthly magazine might be more manageable if you plan on spending time on their website.

There are numerous internet sites for learning about coins and paper money. Coin World has PDFs with the current coins and paper money prices that you can download.

The magazine is available in both digital and print formats. Printed magazines will be shipped to all 50 US states, but Canadian and foreign subscribers will need to pay a higher price.

If you cannot get enough of Coin World’s material, you should listen to their podcast.

2. Canadian Coin News

Canadian Coin News is a source of information about Canada’s coins, notes, and medals.

Unlike Coin World, Canadian Coin News specializes in Canadian currency. They do a great job of covering all news related to Canadian money. If you’re interested in learning about Canadian coins, you should be reading Canadian Coin News.

Chet Krause founded this magazine 40 years ago. He built the largest hobby publishing companies worldwide from Iola, Wisconsin.

Don’t worry, though. The magazine has changed hands a few times. Still, it is now owned by Canadians who share a passion for Canadian money and current news.

Canadian Coin News is offered in both print and digital formats. You can choose to get the print magazine or add the digital option for a low price. The digital option gives you access to the same content as the print magazine, but it’s available online.

You can get a subscription for one year anywhere globally. Still, if you want a longer subscription, you can only get it in Canada or the United States. It’s kind of strange, but that’s how it is.

You should subscribe to Canadian Coin News if you are a collector of Canadian currency. Every other week, you will receive current news and articles. It’s a reasonable price to pay for this information.

The publication is also active in events, a plus for collectors.

3. The Coin and Banknote Magazine

Australian Coin Review was the only coin journal in Australia in 1964. It stopped being published in 2001, but a new magazine called The Coin and Banknote Magazine came out.

Don’t worry, though, because efforts are being made to keep ACR magazines available. The current publication is a monthly subscription, and CAB (or Coin and Banknote blog) covers all facets of numismatics for Australians:

  • Australian coins and banknotes
  • World coins and banknotes
  • Error coins and notes
  • Selected medallic items
  • Australian and international numismatic auction reviews
  • Reviews of numismatic books

If you are interested in Australian coins, be prepared to pay a high price for magazines about them.

The subscription is a lot of money, but it’s worth it because there aren’t many magazines about coin collecting in Australia.

CAB promises to keep you busy every month with “big” issues. If there were a digital option, more individuals would subscribe.

4. Coin Collector

Coin Collector is a website that provides information about coins and paper money.

Coin World is a resource that has information about coins. The first issue was released in March of 2018. This allows you to acquire all the problems without sifting through many older issues.

You can start a small collection with the current seven issues.

The website is a great resource for learning about coins worldwide, but it focuses on coins from the United Kingdom. This website has guides and prices, and you can also sign up for a subscription to get even more information.

People in the UK will benefit from all the sites and magazines. The site has giveaways that you should enter if you want a chance to win something great.

This magazine is available in print and digital formats all over the world. However, it is only published once a year.

This magazine is worth reading if you reside in the United Kingdom or collect their coins.

5. The United States Mexican Numismatic Association

This is a different kind of resource than the others on this list. The United States Mexican Numismatic Association, USMNA, is a group of over 300 people dedicated to collecting Mexican coins, currency, and other historical items.

The USMNA is on the list because it publishes a quarterly journal with articles on various topics. Although journals are called “journals,” they can be thought of as magazines. Magazines and journals are basically the same things.

The U.S. Mexican Numismatic Association publishes journals every three months with various articles. You can read one of the full-color journals on their website to get an idea of what they are like. I think you will find them interesting, even though they are written like journals.

You can tell that this group is close-knit. The membership is reasonably priced, and the journals are available worldwide and digitally. There is a section at the beginning of the publication highlighting new members.

This gives you an idea that each issue is personalized to the group and mass-produced for a general audience.

6. Coinage

Coinage has been publishing six issues a year since 1964 that focuses on investing in silver and gold.

The magazine is free to ship within the US. The magazine’s digital version is an exact copy of the print, except it has clickable links within the article.

This digital world we live in has many benefits. One of those benefits is having permanent access to all your issues. Additionally, you may print only what you need from each document, simpler things.

When you subscribe to a magazine, you have the option to pay for a polybag. If you have ever subscribed to a print magazine before, you know how great polybags are.

If you choose to subscribe to a magazine, always choose the option that comes in a polybag. A polybag is an extra layer of protection that helps ensure your magazine is not damaged during delivery.

7. Coins Magazine

Back in 1955, the first issue of Coins magazine was released. This magazine is now a staple for anyone who collects coins. It covers all the important news and helps people decide what and how to collect. This is definitely a helpful magazine for beginner coin collectors.

This magazine has been going strong for many years. It is filled with information on market trends, buying techniques, and historical perspectives on coins. The people who write for this magazine are very passionate about coin collecting.

Each issue of this magazine goes in-depth into different topics. You can also find answers to queries submitted by readers. It’s good to know that this magazine still offers a way for readers to write in with their questions. Even though it might be easier to go online, it’s still cool to say you had your question published in a magazine. If you’re looking for an old-school experience, this is the magazine.

Some people might think it is a disadvantage that Coins magazine is only print. But others might like the old-school experience of holding a magazine in their hands. Plus, those who are not so tech-savvy won’t mind.

Each monthly issue of this magazine will have insights from other collectors who share your passion for coin collecting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coin Collector Magazines

Who Has the Best Coin Collection?

The NNC is one of the world’s largest numismatic collections. It has over 1.6 million valuable objects.

What Is a Numismatic Magazine?

The Numismatist is a magazine published every month by the American Numismatic Association. The magazine has articles about coins, tokens, medals, paper money, and stock certificates.

What Year Coins Should I Keep?

Since 1964, quarters have not been worth more than their face value. To date, none of the 50-state quarters are collectible. All half dollars struck before 1964 retain their silver value. The 1949-S, 1955, and 1956 Franklin half-dollar series coins are worth more than their silver content.

How Do I Display a Coin Collection?

To preserve a coin’s condition, it is important to store it in a cool, dark, and dry place. This will protect the coin from being damaged. While Whitman-style folders are good for organizing coins, they do not offer much protection.

What Do You Do When You Inherit a Coin Collection?

If you inherited a coin collection, it is important to organize it. You should put like items together in different containers or boxes. For example, put loose coins in a plastic container. Put coins (Proof sets, mint sets, collector sets, etc.) in separate containers.

What’s a Coin Collector Called?

A coin collector is referred to as a numismatist. Numismatics is the study and collection of things used as money, including coins, tokens, and paper bills.

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