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It is important to protect your coins if you have a valuable coin collection. You don’t want them to get damaged. If they are damaged, fixing them is hard, and they might not be worth as much money. You also don’t want people to steal your coins. So it would help if you kept them in a safe place where no one could find or touch them.

The cost of quality supplies and tools to store and handle your coin collection is small compared to the value of the coins in the collection. Many products on the market claim to offer the best protection for your coins. We have identified ten products that provide the best protection for your coins.

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10 Best Coins Protection

One common type of coin damage is from staples that are not completely clinched. This leaves a curl of the staple above the surface of the coin holder. This can easily scratch other coins as they move around or are taken in and out of the holder. Flat clinch staplers fully compress the staple into the surface of the holder, so there is nothing left to scratch other coins.

We see two types of damage on coins: fingerprints and toning. Oils and acids from our hands can damage coins if left on the surface for a long time. The fingerprint pattern will make the coin look ugly, and it lowers the value and grade of the coin. If left untreated, the oils and acids will etch the coin’s surface, making the fingerprint permanent.

You can avoid harmful substances on coins by holding them by their edges. You can do this by using a pair of soft cotton gloves. Make sure the gloves are thin so you can still feel the coin. If you don’t have gloves, be careful not to touch the coin’s surfaces with your fingers.

Metal and water do not mix well together. Most people know to keep their coins away from water. But some people don’t know that the humidity in the air can also damage coins. Silica gel absorbs moisture in the air, which prevents it from damaging your coins.

To protect an area from moisture, you can buy silica gel. Silica gel can be reactivated in the oven if it gets too wet. Before buying, measure the size of the area to be protected and then get the right size of silica gel that will fit in that space.

Conserv is a good solvent for removing things like PVC, oil, tape residue, light fingerprints, and grease from coins. It is better than other solvents like acetone (which can contain contaminants) and alcohol in its ability to remove substances from coins. Conserv does not affect the luster or natural toning on coins, and it will not change the color of copper coins.

Supersafe’s archival-grade pages are made from a polyester material that doesn’t have any softeners or additives. This makes them good for storing coins and currency because it won’t damage them over time. Mix and match these pages (currently available in five sizes) with Supersafe’s Deluxe Archival 3-Ring Binder and Deluxe Archival Slip Case to make your custom storage album.

Intercept Shield is a state-of-the-art compound that prevents copper, nickel, silver, and gold coin corrosion. The Intercept insert in these holders reacts with and neutralizes gases in the air that cause coins to spot, discolor and tarnish.

Intercept holders contain no oils or additives that might contaminate your coins. These holders are perfect for uncertified coins collectors don’t want to put in albums. You can also get boxes holding these holders and providing an extra protection layer.

Many collectors know that PVC storage products can damage coins. However, many collectors are unaware that even non-PVC vinyl flips and holders can damage coins. The oils from many soft plastic flips can cause coins to become cloudy. PCGS found that vinyl flips contain small particles that can create hairline scratches on coins when inserted and removed.

Saflips are a good way to avoid problems. They are made in a place without dust from paper or cardboard. The saflips are put in bags that keep them from getting dirty.

These albums are a great new product from Intercept Shield that helps protect your coins. The album is made with only acid-free archival components, which means that your coins will not be harmed or discolored by the album. Unfortunately, many other manufacturers do not take these same precautions.

Intercept Shield is a material that lines the inside covers of albums to protect them from harmful compounds. It also makes a slipcase standard with all albums, which improves their appearance and stacking ability. The slipcase also provides a second protective barrier for harmful compounds.

Kointains, manufactured by E&T Kointainer, are very clear and small. They protect while also being very discreet and not distracting. Kointains have been used for over 60 years and have withstood the test of time.

The completely safe holder is made from a strong plastic that will not let dust, oil, or grease get to your coins. The holders are shaped so that the coins only touch the edges, which keeps them safe. Many museums use these holders because they are safe and difficult to see.

Intercept Shield’s Double Protection Box is the first coin storage solution to protect certified coins. It was significant when Intercept Shield established a storage option that safeguarded certified collector and investment-grade coins from pollutants.

The double protection box was not just a remake of an existing product. The intercept was added to create a whole new certified coin storage concept. The box consists of ten inner boxes, each lined with a layer of Intercept Shield. An outer box neatly holds the ten inner boxes and is lined with Intercept, creating two layers of protection.

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