New tools are being created that have many uses. You can have these tools available on your Android mobile. Almost every metal detector app uses your device’s magnetic sensor to measure magnetic field values and find gold. This is possible because the magnetometer is included in your cell phone.

Android apps can help you find metals underground, although they’re mainly used to find misplaced metal goods at home or away. They aren’t meant to help you find treasures.

But if you are excited about the idea, here is a list of 8 apps you can download on Android and use as a metal detector. Let’s see if these pocket tools work.

Do Metal Detector Apps Work?

The various features of the metal detector applications will determine their usefulness. Some of these factors include:

Do Android metal detecting apps work?

  • The application must reflect magnetic oscillations.
  • Your mobile must have a digital compass or magnetometer for reliable results.
  • Position the magnetometer until you see the sensor and find the activity on the metal detector screen.

These apps work best for finding metals close to your mobile device. They also work for metals that have a magnetic field. If the metal you are looking for is not close to your device or does not have a magnetic field, then you will not be able to find it as easily.

These Are the Best Metal Detector Apps for Android

With these applications, you may transform your Android into a metal detector, utilizing the magnetism in your compass or magnetometer.

1. Metal Detector: Free Detector 2019

Metal detector: free detector 2019 is one of the most effective apps to detect metals. This app was awarded in 2019 as one of the most efficient. It has a really simple interface and includes great functions. Best of all, it is available on Google Play completely free.

The magnetic sensor in this device can detect any metal close to it. Keep in mind that if you want quick readings, you must be sure not to be near computers, TVs, or other electronic devices that could interfere with the sensor.

2. Real Sound Metal Detector – Sniffer Detector

The more accurate the magnetic sensor in your mobile device is, the more realistic the app results will be. This app is similar to the Metal Detector tool, which uses a magnetic sensor to detect the presence of metals. In your mobile device, you can see how this sensor increases accuracy near metallic objects.

Its interface is very basic and easy to use. It includes a compass meter that will tell you how close you are to metals. The best thing is that it is cost-free, and that metal item will vibrate loudly when you approach them.

3. Smart Hunter Home Metal Detector

This app explains how to make a metal detector at home. You will need some basic things, like a tutorial, to help you build it. It’s easy to do, and you can use several elements that you probably have around the house.

The metal detector will help you find gold rings from 20-25 cm away and bigger objects like pots and lids from more than one meter away. The mobile device will vibrate when it finds a metallic product.

4. ExaMobile SA Metal Detector

The metal detector is an app that can help you find metal objects. Monitoring the magnetic field accomplishes this. The display on the app will show you the maximum and minimum values, and then the app will vibrate when it gets close to a metal object.

You can use a magnet or other products to measure the values if you have a mobile phone with a magnetic sensor. It is free, and it is free on Google Play with a score of 3.9 stars.

5. Metal Detector

The App Metal Detector may be your best choice if you are looking for metals. However, everything will depend on the space since, to get exact values, you should avoid having any electronic equipment nearby that could interfere with reading.

This pocket tool is great because it can find a lot of different types of metal. You can find objects made of cobalt, nickel, iron, and steel. When you find metal objects, the platform makes an interesting sound, making it one of the best choices on this list.

6. Professional Metal Detector

A professional metal detector is a tool used to measure the electromagnetic field. This app uses a magnetometer to measure the value of the electromagnetic field. Between 30 and 60 microtesla (T) characterize the Earth’s magnetic field. A value greater than 60 µT indicates that the mobile is at a short distance from ferrous metal objects.

You can get metals in walls, subsoil, and other surfaces. Plus, the app tells you the magnetic field values found in the last 15 seconds and the maximum and minimum values.

Before utilizing this program, you should calibrate your mobile device. To do this, start the app, pick up the mobile and draw the number 8 in the air.

7. Netigen Tools Metal Detector

This application makes it easy to install electrical cables in walls, coins, iron pipes, etc. It has more than 1 million downloads and a simple interface that makes it easy to use.

The Magnetic Field app will show up on your phone screen in three lines of different colors. The colors represent the three dimensions. If your phone gets close to a metal object, the app will make noises and vibrations to let you know where the metal is. This app only works for ferrous objects (ones with iron in them).

8. Metal detector: Free Metal Detector 2020

The Metal Detector 2020 is a free tool that helps you find metal objects and human bodies. It can scan for metals, microphones, and alloys such as steel.

It is particularly adept at swiftly obtaining metals, even those nested inside other things or buried underground. In the same way, it enables you to discover electrical cables more quickly and metal objects on the walls.

The magnetic field will rise near metal, and the detector will produce a sound signal that there is a metal component nearby to notify you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Detector Apps

What Is the Detector App?

With the Metal Detector app, you can turn your Android phone into a metal detector. This could help you find small metal objects before you step on them or before they get sucked up by your vacuum cleaner.

Can an App Detect Metal?

The Metal Detector App by Smart Tools Co. is a free app you can download to your phone. The app will find metals under your feet by moving your phone around as you walk. Move your phone around to start scanning for magnetic field readings while the app is open.

Can I Use My Phone To Detect Gold?

You can use your mobile phone to find gold like gold miners. Almost every metal detector app uses your device’s magnetic sensor to measure magnetic field values and find gold.

Is a Gold Detector Real?

Gold detectors can also find other types of metal, like lead, copper, and aluminum. Gold detectors are best used to find larger pieces of gold that are not very deep in the ground. They will not be able to find concentrations of gold dust.

Will a Phone Set Off a Metal Detector?

If you remove the battery from your cellphone, it can go through a metal detector. Some places, like airports or courthouses, ask you to put your cellphone in a tray scanned for metal before passing through the detector.

How Can You Identify a Metal?

A gadget that finds metal is called a metal detector. It is often used to find hidden objects or metal buried underground. Metal detectors often have a handheld unit with a sensor probe that can be swept over the ground or other objects.

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