The Best Digging Bars

The Best Digging Bar makes digging holes in the soil easier. It is a convenient, valuable tool for drilling holes in thin ground. This tool is perfect for planting potted signs and fences.

A digging bar makes it easy to dig a hole by puncturing the ground and loosening the soil. It has several parts, including a grabber that closes when pushed into the ground and can be opened again to dig deep holes.

Reading these reviews, you can learn about the pros and cons of each digging bar.

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Vaughan B215 15-Inch Long Original SuperBar

True Temper 1160300 Pencil Point San Angelo Digging Bar

Truper 30162 Bars 69-Inch Post Hole Digger / Tamping Bar,16-Pound

Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

Best Digging Bar Reviewed

1. Vaughan B215 15-Inch Long Original SuperBar

It is called a super bar for a reason. It has unique curves on each end that make it easy to move and dig. It is an excellent tool for homeowners and merchants. It’s made from forged spring steel, which makes it strong. It also has a length of 15 inches, which gives you significant leverage.

The shepherded crook rocker head is the most eye-catching feature of this tool. This rocker’s head makes it easier to pry things open. This product has a 5-star rating, meaning people like it a lot. The blades are very sharp and easy to put into place.


  • The head of the rocker makes it much easier to use when prying.
  • The three nail slots with a beveled edge and easy-to-install blades
  • Very affordable


  • It’s short

2. True Temper 1160300 Pencil Point San Angelo Digging Bar

AMES is not among the most popular digging bar manufacturers, but this product will make the top list. It is a 72-inch bar considered one of the longest bars available. It has been designed with durable tempered steel for ultimate strength and durability.

This tool is suitable for digging and prying dirt and rocks. It is constructed so that it can function in adverse situations. The metal steel makes it very heavy, but it is still an efficient digging tool.

San Angelo Bar is widely accepted, with an average online rating of 4.5/5. It has a limited manufacturer warranty, so you know it’s a high-quality product. You can use it for home and some commercial or industrial digging purposes. The tempered steel is rust-resistant, making it a durable choice for your needs.


  • The pointed pencil mouth helps it break through hard rocks.
  • Very long and easy to use for all kinds of digging and poking.
  • Quite affordable


  • It weighs 16 pounds, so it’s not like most light digging tools.

3. Truper 30162 Bars 69-Inch Post Hole Digger / Tamping Bar,16-Pound

This digging bar is helpful because you can use it for multiple purposes. For example, you can use the prying end to loosen dirt and then use the other end to tamp down the soil. The sharp end can easily penetrate light and hard soil.

This tool has a temper head that can be used to balance the ground, especially around the fence and plants. The device is made of solid materials that will last a long time. The temper head, for example, is made of welded steel and comes with a comfortable grip for easy handling.

This digging bar is a versatile tool, and you can use it for regular home purposes and industrial applications. It is popular because the welded end lets the length go from 69 to 71 inches.


  • Very long and easy to use to protect the knees and back as much as possible.
  • Durable high carbon steel body
  • The 1-inch round shaft makes it easier to dig.


  • It weighs 16 pounds; you need extra strength to apply it.

4. Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

Are you looking for a pothole digger for digging deeper holes in your yard? This product is perfect for you. The offset handles will let you dig up to 12 inches deep, much more profound than traditional diggers. Your knuckles are well-protected when digging, making them safe and easy for everyone to use.

This digger is more substantial than other tools because it has a welded 14-inch steel blade and 16-inch gauge steel shafts. The blade spread is 6 ½ inches in diameter, covering more ground while digging.

This digging bar is of a high-quality design, with a limited manufacturer warranty. The welded steel pivot joint means you don’t have to worry about loose or missing nuts and bolts. The unit blades are completely welded to the shaft for extra strength, and the tool is powdered-coated to prevent rust. That means you can use it every day for a long time.


  • Blades are made sharp. So, it easily cuts through hard soil.
  • The handles keep your knuckles from banging together when you dig.
  • Its length of 60 inches stops back and knee pain.


  • It weighs more than 10 pounds. Hence it is relatively heavier than most of its rivals.

5. Truper 32406 Tru Tough Atlas Pattern Post Hole Digger

This digging tool is premium. It has a fiberglass handle which is more convenient than a metal or wooden handle. The extra cushion grip provides balance and control when digging holes for fence posts or plants.

The head of this tool is constructed of grey steel with a transparent coating. It makes it more resilient and simple to clean. The design of this tool uses modern technology, which guarantees a professional delivery. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing tools in the market today.

The steel collars and the lacquered ash handle make this tool lightweight and easy to carry around. The 10-year manufacturer limited warranty is a plus.


  • Made to be used at home and in the workplace
  • The cushion on the 48-inch long handle makes the tool more comfortable.
  • Clear-coated steel heads help them get into the ground faster.
  • It can be resurfaced with silicone spray to restore its original appearance.


  • It costs more than many tools within its range.

6. Bon Tool 27-197 San Angelo Digging Bar – 14 Lb 60″

It is an excellent digging bar that can use anytime. It is perfect for harsh conditions. It has a pencil tip that makes digging easier. The most popular length is 60 inches, but it is also available in other sizes.

This product is from the United States of America with great precision. It is lighter than most of its main rivals, weighing around 14 pounds. Its price justifies its value.


  • It can stand up to digging and prying for a long time.
  • Simple to use


  • More expensive than its main competitors

7. ABN Jumbo Pry Bar Tool – 36in Large Breaker Crowbar

It is a 36-inch tool that you can use to strike, turn, and twist things. It is solid and easy to use. You can use it for digging and taking apart mechanical things.

This tool is easy because it has a sharpened and beveled end. The angle-nose tip makes it possible to slide the device into tight spots.


  • It can be moved and turned in any place and at any angle.
  • It May is not the best for taller people who have to bend.


  • More expensive than its main competitors

8. ION TOOL Pry Bar 4 Piece Set, 8-24 inch with Hammer Top

It is a shorter tool that is 8 to 24-inches long. You can use the top as a hammer for another purpose. The other end is used mainly for digging and prying. It is made from high-quality construction and has forged square stock, which means it will not easily bend or twist.

The cap on the digging tool is designed to be hit with a hammer so you can hammer it into the ground. The handles are perfect because they don’t slip, and they are two different colors.


  • It comes as a set of 4 pieces for different application
  • Non-bending construction makes it very convenient


  • It’s shorter than the other digging bars on this list, so you must bend a little to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digging Bars

What Is a Digging Bar Used for?

If you need to plant a tree or set posts, a digging bar can help make the job easier. A digging bar is a tool designed to help clear dirt, rocks, and other items out of the way as you dig.

What Is Another Name for a Digging Bar?

A bar is a long, thin metal or wooden object used to open doors and other containers. It is also known as a hopping bar, slate bar, shale bar, potato bar, and pinch point bar.

What Is Tamper Bar or Digging Bar?

The tamper bar is designed to dig post holes and tamp the ground around them. It is typically used with another digging bar, like a post-hole digger.

How Do You Sharpen a Digging Bar?

You can use a file to sharpen a blade. But it will be done much faster with a grinder with a metal-grinding disc. When pointing the blade, make sure the angle is about 45 degrees. The edge will wear down quickly if it is too sharp.

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