Have you ever wondered if metal detectors can do more than just find old coins and rings? Can they also be used to find gold? Maybe, but not easily. You will need a specialized metal detector designed to find gold in the ground. Plus, it is important to know where to look and practice patience when searching for this precious metal.

Is It True That Metal Detectors Can Detect Gold?

Metal detectors can find gold. If you already know how to use the metal detector, you might already have an idea of its capabilities. There is a lot of different metal detectors on the market. Some are good at finding gold, and some aren’t. At Serious Metal Detecting, we have more information about them to help you know which one is best for finding gold.

When you buy a metal detector, you will have to decide between two different technologies: VLF and Pulse Induction. Both of these detect gold. You need to know where you are hunting for gold, how much trash is there, and what type of nuggets you are looking for.

What Is Pulse Induction and How Does It Work?

A pulse induction detector works using one coil that acts as both the receiver and transmitter. This coil sends electricity down into the ground, which creates a magnetic field. When these pulses hit metal objects, or gold, for example, the detector will pick up this signal.

What Is High-Frequency VLF and How Does It Work?

VLF metal detectors have a coil that sends and a coil that receives. This helps the detector find targets in the ground. VLF metal detectors work better with shallower targets than pulse induction technology, which is better for deeper targets.

The Serious Metal Detecting Team Recommends These Gold Metal Detectors

Here are just a few of the gold metal detectors that we suggest at Serious Metal Detecting:

  • Minelab Equinox 800
    • Minelab Gold Monster
    • Minelab SDC 2300
    • Minelab GPZ 7000
    • Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer
    • XP ORX

    If you want to learn more about metal detectors, you can check out this link.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold

    Can Gold Be Found With a Metal Detector?

    A metal detector can be used to locate gold. But it will be hard to find small nuggets without a gold detector. Metal detectors work differently than other metals because they use induction, and the frequency is different too.

    What Kind of Metal Detector Finds Gold?

    The best gold detector is the Minelab CTX-3030. This detector can work in any ground mineralization environment, thanks to its good balancing features.

    Does 14k Gold Go Off on Metal Detectors?

    Yes, for the most part. Gold, platinum, and other fine jewelry don’t usually set off alarms. That means your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches can all be worn.

    Can I Find Gold in My Backyard?

    Gold is hard to find in your backyard. It is not easy. Gold can be found on bedrock or in streams deposited by water. You will need to decide where you will look for gold in your yard.

    Can I Find Gold in Any Creek?

    Not all creeks and rivers have gold. Most of them do not have any gold, or there is so little gold that it would take too much time to find it. But if you spend some extra time researching good places, it will be worth your while.

    How Deep Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold?

    Modern prospecting detectors can see the very small gold. The size of the target makes a difference. If the target is bigger, you will find it at a different depth. A nugget that is as big as a grain of sand can be found at 1-2 inches deep, and one that is as big as a match head could be found at 3-5 inches deep.

    How Do Airports Detect Gold?

    The airport has machines that can tell if you have gold in your bag. The new metal detectors will help catch people who hide gold in their bodies or on them. There are also metal detectors at the green-channel exit of the airport.

    Will a Magnet Pick Up Gold?

    Gold cannot stick to a magnet alone. However, it can be combined with other metals. For example, gold with 20% of its atoms replaced by iron can find the magnet.

    What Frequency Is Optimal for Detecting Gold?

    Targeted Treasure is good for finding silver, copper, brass, gold, iron/ferrous metals. It’s best to use it at 3 kHz – 7 kHz. Gold can be found at 14 kHz +. Iron/ferrous metals are 10 kHz +, and zinc/cobalt or stainless are 9-10kHz.

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