Many people do not know that metal detectors can detect Lead. This type of metal detector is usually used to find coins and jewelry. However, these devices can detect Lead as well. Lead has many properties which make it different than other metals like copper or gold, so it can be detected by a human-operated metal detector. You can follow various methods in using a metal detector to make your work easier.

I was interested in metal detecting, but I also wanted to find out if I could find Lead. That’s why I am writing this post about it.

Lead is a metal that is used in many industries. It has a low electrical conductivity, but it has a high thermal conductivity.

Some metal detectors can find Lead. They have been able to do it for a long time, but they were not good at finding metals with low conductivity. But now they have better ways to find these metals, so it’s possible.

It is interesting to learn more about the machines that can find this metal better than others. You’ll need to decide what approach you want to take to find it.

I included some valuable targets in this post. Most people try to find these, and they are important.

Few Things to Know About Detecting Lead

As I said before, Lead was not easy to find. It is under the ground, and it does not conduct electricity very well.

The metal that is non-magnetic and not made of iron is gold, silver, and aluminum. They can go really high on detectors. And steel can be low or broken up readings.

Can Metal Detectors Detect Through Lead?

This is a question I wanted to ask. It is about metal detectors. A metal detector can’t detect everything, so it needs to be tested. When testing a metal detector, the size of the lead element, its thickness, and the object’s size beneath it must be considered.

It is better if you use different settings. Then you can find out what is best.

However, it is possible to do so! Remember that because Lead can produce high tones, this might cover up the inside metal.

You need to know the meanings of different tones when making music. You should pay attention to what kind of tone it is. This depends on if your machine allows you to do this!

What Metal Detector to Use to Find Lead?

It depends on the size of the target. If it is big, then a detector like the Garrett Ace 250 can work. But if it is too small, you need more sensitive machines for smaller targets.

You should use detectors that can detect metal from a distance. The Minelab Equinox 800 is a good detector because it can sense signals for small targets that other detectors might miss. You can also buy a Minelab detector that detects metal at long distances.

Places Where You Can Find Lead

Some places to find this element are important to know. There are some locations where you may want to search for it:

Civil war sites: This is a place with lots of bullets. Many shots were fired, so many bullets were left with a historical value.

Around those who practice fishing: This is an unusual way to catch fish. Fishers use fishing sinkers and jigs to catch fish.

Hunting sites: The first point is that there are many ammunitions in places where people hunt for animals. This includes bullets, slugs, and pellets. You need to have permission to take these because it is illegal.

How to Detect Lead Targets Using Your Metal Detector?

Some people think it is possible to pick up lead items from the ground with heavy magnets. But this is not true. Lead is a non-magnetic material, and even the stronger magnets won’t work.

Before going out to look for a Lead, you need to plan. I told you before that listening to the sounds will tell you what element is there. You can hear a high tone with Lead and aluminum. That’s why if we go looking for a Lead, we should know about this!

Different frequencies can detect Lead. You will need to find out which one works best.

To see if something is safe, you can do testing. You will need different size items with Lead in them.

Put your ear on the different-sized pieces of wood to see what kind of sound they make. Try hearing them a few times, so you know what they sound like.

After that, you should target places where you will likely find some leads. And don’t forget to make sure you have your permission.

Valuable Lead Targets

Most old ammunitions are made of Lead. It’s important because it usually marks historical events. There are also lots of different targets made out of this element!

Other Reasons to Go for Lead

Collecting these items may have historical value, but some do it for different reasons. Some people use the Lead to make other things.

Ammunition cleaning: In places where there are a lot of gunshots, people might hire someone to find all the bullets. If you do this, it will be a lot of hard work.

Cleaning the ground: Lead is dangerous for the ground, water, and animals. That’s why farmers who just bought land might clean the ground from all sorts of Lead objects. Then he will prevent any bad things that happen because of Lead.


This post mostly talked about Lead, but there are other metals that people look for. To find something, you must first know what you’re looking for. There are techniques one can use to distinguish the metal from other ones. Hopefully, this answered any questions you had!

Frequently Asked Questions About Can Metal Detectors Detect Lead?

What Metals Cannot Be Detected by a Metal Detector?

Metal detectors are not very good at finding metals with low electrical conductivity, like stainless steel. Other items metal detectors cannot find are gemstones.

Can a Metal Detector Detect Lead Bullets?

Yes, metal detectors can find bullets. Metal detectors detect changes in the electromagnetic field surrounding a metal object. Bullets are made of electrically conductive materials such as brass, Lead, and steel, which transmit signals more effectively than other metals.

Can a Metal Detector Penetrate Lead?

You can find metals that conduct electricity better than other metals, like silver. You will be able to find these metals deeper into the ground.

What Shows Up on a Metal Detector?

Some metals are only found by metal detectors. Both active and passive means detect iron, nickel, and cobalt. Like copper, brass, or aluminum, other metals can only be found with an active metal detector.

Will Zinc Alloy Set Off a Metal Detector?

Yes, the belt buckle is made of zinc alloy metal.

Do Metal Detectors Pick Up Silver?

Metal detectors can find gold and other things made of metal, like silver, and even aluminum.

Can Metal Detectors Differentiate Metals?

Metal detectors can distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The inductance of a coil will be increased by using a ferrous metal. It can also be reduced by using a non-ferrous metal.

Do Metal Detectors Detect Aluminum Foil?

Detectors can detect the magnetic field and the conductivity of non-ferrous components, such as gold and aluminum.

What Is the Deepest Seeking Metal Detector?

Nokta Jeohunter is the newest detector for finding precious metals and detecting hidden cavities. It was made using the best technology.

How Do I Increase the Sensitivity of My Metal Detector?

Reducing the aperture size is a good way to make metal detectors more sensitive. The sensitivity of these detectors is measured at the geometric center of the aperture, so make sure that your aperture is big enough for the product you want to search for.

Does Real Gold Ring in a Metal Detector?

The answer is YES; they all do. Some detectors are far superior to others. Small gold pieces are specifically developed for some detectors, such as the Minelab Gold Monster or the GPZ 7000. (which most naturally occurring gold is). Any metal detector will do the job when it comes to finding gold rings.

Are Metal Detectors Harmful?

The metal detector does not pose a health risk. When people pass by, it is safe.

What Is the Hobby of Metal Detecting Called?

Treasure hunters are people who like to find things. They use a metal detector to find what they want.

To learn more about how metal detectors detect lead, click here.

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