Garrett AT Max Review: All You Need to Know

Garrett AT Max Review is a blog post that talks about Garrett at max reviews. It goes in-depth into Garrett at max review features and Garrett at max review pros and cons. The Garrett AT Max Metal Detector is an excellent detector with many features to offer the user. This detector is ideal for anyone looking for a high-end device with all the bells and whistles. The Garrett AT Max also provides very good value for your money.

What You Need to Know About Garrett AT Max

Are you interested in learning the most effective method for locating metals, jewels, rings, coins, or antiques in any environment? The Garrett AT MAX is your best bet. Here is why: AT means All-Terrain performance. It can go on any kind of ground, including water. That means it is waterproof. Even if the water is up to 10 feet high (3 meters).

The Garrett AT MAX metal detector is the most recent addition to the Garrett AT metal detector series. The AT MAX has upgraded. It is better than the other models.

You will find information about AT MAX’s features and benefits as you read on. It is different than the other metal detectors in the AT series.

If you want an advanced metal detector that can work in all types of terrain, the Garrett AT MAX is the best one on the market. It has advanced technology with increased detection depth, and it has many features like Z-Lynk Wireless Technology. I’ll discuss this in further depth later in this review.

The Garrett AT MAX is quick. There’s almost no delay between when the metal detector finds something and when it tells you. The wireless technology is four times faster than other detectors with wireless options, six times faster than Bluetooth technology.

The Garrett AT MAX is a long, lightweight, easy-to-use piece of equipment. It features an LCD display that allows you to view the detector’s operation. The screen has a backlight that makes it easier to see in low-light conditions. All of the buttons on the screen are big and easy to use with one finger.

The equipment has an automatic high-resolution ground balance. You can even change the settings for better performance. The AT MAX is good for all types of terrain, including conductive soils and mineralized grounds. Setting the ground level to a skillful adjustment will help you hear faint targets

Garrett AT Max Specification

The following are the most critical aspects concerning this metal detector that you should be aware of:

  • Ground Balance: High Resolution (Auto/Manual) (175 pts)
  • Wireless Z-LynkTM
  • 13.6 kHz is the frequency (adjustable)
  • Adjustment for sensitivity and depth: 8
  • Level of Audio Tone ID: 3
  • Yes, there is a threshold adjustment
  • Segments of Iron Discrimination: 44
  • Yes, it’s waterproof (up to 10 feet/3 meters)
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 2 Years Warranty

The Garrett AT MAX is available as a kit with the following accessories:

  • 8.5×11″ PROformance DD Search Coil
  • 8.5×11″ Coil Cover
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • New AT MAX Baseball Cap
  • Support Cuff with Strap
  • New Garrett MS-3™ Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones

User’s Manual

Garrett AT Max Features and Advantages

The Garrett AT MAX is a good treasure hunting detector. It has some features that are good for finding treasure. Here are some of the things it can do:

The Garrett AT Max metal detector offers maximum detection with powerful, wireless, all terrain performance. Enhanced electronics, a 13.6 kHz operating frequency, and eight Sensitivity/Depth adjustments allow you to detect targets deeper than other Garrett AT detectors. The Garrett exclusive Automated Ground Balance Window feature can simultaneously "spread" the ground balance setting to a range of values to reduce ground response in severely mineralized areas. Automatic and manually adjustable ground balance options also available.

Superfast Z-Lynk wireless technology is SIX times faster than Bluetooth. Integrated circuitry transmits audio to your wireless headphones. Auto pairing. No cables, and no interference from other wireless devices. Hunt Day or Night with the backlit display feature that allows you to continue hunting in low light conditions. The Iron Audio feature allows you to hear iron trash before you dig it! Also includes True All Metal Mode, All Metal Iron Mode, Digital Target ID and Adjustable Threshold to better hear targets.

Sync your Pro-Pointer AT to your Z-Lynk enabled detector to hear both detector and pinpointer alarms in your headphones, even in noisy environments (beach, high winds, congested urban areas, organized hunts). The Garrett AT Max / Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Special includes: AT Max Metal Detector (PN 1142060) Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones 8.5" x11" DD PROformance Coil 8.5" x11" DD Coil Cover (installed on coil) Special Promotion Bundle Item: Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk wireless pinpointer (PN 1142200).

1. Z-Lynk™ Wireless Technology

When the metal detector is over a treasure, you can hear it. You can’t always hear it before you are over the treasure because there might be a delay. But with Z-Lynk™ technology, you can hear it right when you are over the target.

The technology features 17 milliseconds (near-zero delay transmission) from your detector to the headphones. That is up to four times faster than other wireless headphones and six times faster than the speed of Bluetooth.

With this improvement in signal detection, you are more likely to find your buried gem because there is no delay in the signal transmission.

To pair new headphones with the detector, you need to ensure the headphones are near the detector. Ascertain that they are turned on and simultaneously push the Iron Audio and Frequency buttons. You should see a Z-Lynk icon in the middle of your screen. If it is blinking, it means that it cannot find your headphones, and if it looks like a headphone, they have been paired successfully.

Hold the Iron Audio and Frequency buttons simultaneously if you need to cancel your headphones.

The wireless headphones do not work underwater, but the AT MAX does. To find treasures buried underwater, you need to use wired headphones.

2. Modes of the AT MAX

The left side of the screen has modes. You can pick one to use. For example, you can use All Metal mode, Coins mode, and Zero mode.

When you hunt with the All-Metal mode on your metal detector, it can detect all sorts of metals, even if they are small and not much metal is around. I’ll discuss this in further depth later in this review.

Custom mode allows you to save your favorite pattern of discriminating. That means, if you are looking for anything other than coins, for instance, you can set up your detector with this setting. And it will remember the setting, saving you time in the future.

The Coins mode is easy. It detects all coins, so you are more likely to miss trash or unwanted items that are not coins. The disadvantage of this strategy is that you can lose out on modest jewelry pieces while most gamers are looking for cash and other items.

The Zero mode is when you don’t have any specifics in what you are looking for. For example, if you want to find anything buried, this is the right option. The detector will give different beeps for different metals with the Zero mode. That way, it will be easier to figure out what’s buried under the soil.

3. Audio Tones

There are three tones the AT MAX uses to tell you what is a treasure or not. You can use it to find treasures from coins, custom, or zero.

The tone you will hear in your headphones will be below for items with a digital target ID rating of 0 to 34. An example is an iron nail with a digital target ID rating of 0-34. The next high-pitched tone you hear is slightly louder for an item with a digital target ID rating of 35-75, like a gold ring. The loudest high pitch tone you can hear in your headphones signifies an item with a digital target ID rating higher than 75. This would be something like a US dollar coin or quarter.

When you hunt with the All Metal mode, you will hear the middle tone no matter what is buried under the ground. But using the All Metal Iron Audio feature also lets you hear more precise sounds.

4. Operating Frequency

The AT MAX metal detector has the lowest operating frequency of any in the Garrett AT series. This means it should have more depth than other ATs, but it does not distinguish targets. However, there are no other metal detectors with an operating frequency of 13.6 kHz on the market. One could argue that the best characteristic of this model is its ability to perform effectively in both detection and separation. However, the AT MAX is not a multi-frequency metal detector. You can adjust the frequency to make it less likely to be interfered with by other detectors, but you cannot change it on a large scale.

5. Manual and Automatic Ground Balance

A professional-standard detector has a feature called ground balance. It helps cut out interference and chatter while making the detector work better when hunting in different areas with different soil conductivity or mineralization, or even when near saltwater.

The AT MAX has a machine that makes the ground stand more even. You only need to hold the SHIFT button for it to work. The device can’t balance on very rugged terrain. That is why there is an option for manual settings.

Now, in saltwater terrains, the AT MAX metal detector does better than other detectors. But you may have to make a compromise when it comes to how deep you can find things.

I have highlighted the features in this Garrett AT metal detector that are different from other models in their line. It has a special sound alert to tell you if you found treasure.

6. Iron Audio

To avoid unwanted items like flat irons while digging, the AT MAX has a sound that only sounds when it finds iron. And it has a sound that can change the frequency of metal to ensure there is no interference.

7. Digital Target ID

The digital Target ID is in all Garrett detectors. The AT MAX detector has a quicker and more accurate ID than other detectors. But note that this feature works better when the ground balance is set correctly for the environment.

8. Adjustable Audio Threshold

Some treasures are hard to find. You can set the audio threshold on them so that you can hear faint targets.

9. Fast Speed

Z-Lynk™ Wireless Technology is a new technology that transmits audio through wireless headphones. It automatically pairs with other devices and is faster than Bluetooth. This means that you are more likely to have heard the sound before it moves, with almost no lag time.

10. Pulse Width Modulation Audio

If you use this, you can listen to the sound of the target and decide if it is worth digging. You get more information about the target (audio-wise). Digital IDs are not as good as audio IDs because they do not give out all information.

Garrett AT Max Pros and Cons


  • Z-Lynk™ Wireless Technology
  • Backlight for improved visibility
  • Adjustable frequency
  • All-terrain performance
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable length
  • Electronic pinpointing
  • Fast recovery speed
  • Adjustable threshold
  • All-Metal Iron Audio
  • Larger display, including the digital target ID
  • Free search coil
  • 10 feet/3 m deep functionality
  • 2 years warranty


  • Only supports wired headphones underwater
  • A bit expensive
  • Not relatively light, as there are more lightweight designs available
  • Not multi-frequency

Garrett AT Max FAQs

1. Is the Garrett AT MAX waterproof?

This is a waterproof detector. It lets you find the treasure that other people don’t want to find. You can go underwater, and it will work well there, too.

However, wireless headphones cannot be used in water.

2. Is the Garrett AT MAX good for saltwater?

The Garrett AT MAX is a metal detector that works well in water. If you are looking for one, this one will work the best.

3. Can the Garrett AT MAX detect gold?

The Garrett AT series of metal detectors is good for different treasures. The best one is the Garrett AT GOLD because it has an 18 kHz operating frequency. But the other ones are okay, too.

4. How deep can the Garrett AT MAX detect?

The Garrett AT MAX can go underwater. It is safe to dive up to 3 meters (10 feet).

Garrett AT Max Reviews

Garrett’s AT Max metal detector is one of the most popular models. It is very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.

The Garrett AT Max is a metal detector in direct competition to the Minelab Equinox.

Garrett’s AT Max metal detector was created to locate Gold, coins, and antiques in challenging situations.

Garrett Metal Detectors started in 1964 and has grown rapidly because of their innovative technologies.

The Garrett AT Max is a popular metal detector because it has a backlit LCD display, Z-Lynk wireless technology, and detection depth.


  • Compatible with Z-Lynk wireless headphones
  • Extremely robust
  • Profound detecting depth
  • Backlit display for night low-light conditions
  • Limited Warranty of Two Years


  • Garrett AT Max rumours Garrett AT Max pricing Garrett AT Max

Tips for Buying an AT Max Detector

Garrett’s AT Max is an extremely handy tool. It can be used for both recovering lost items and digging up history. This makes it a unique tool that provides an interesting experience.

The ideal purchaser of an AT Max is someone who is familiar with metal detecting and is searching for strong equipment capable of locating stuff deep underground.

If you are new to metal detecting, starting with a less complex machine would be good. You might want to consider the Garrett ACE series, including the ACE 200, ACE 300, ACE 400, and the ACE Apex.

Some people looking for the Garrett AT Max might want to be aware of some problems with the machine. First, there is the issue of Garrett AT Max chatter.

Chatter is a noise that is sometimes caused by electrical signals. This can be due to many things, like ground mineralization or high sensitivity. While this does not necessarily indicate an issue with the detector, it may annoy some users.

You can reduce the chatter you hear by turning down the sensitivity. The AT Max may be harder to use for beginners than other detectors. But this isn’t the fault of the machine. It’s just something to be aware of.

 Garrett AT Max Features & Benefits

The AT Max is a mid-level metal detector with various features that make it one of the most competitive detectors on the market. Continue reading for a more detailed examination of each of these qualities.


One of the best things about our AT (All-Terrain) series is that they are built to last in saltwater, rain, sleet, and snow.

This is a great feature because many detectorists want to treasure hunt in rivers, lakes, and beaches. The AT Max can be used in water up to 10 feet deep, and it also works well in saltwater environments.

This is a comfort, as many of us are clumsy and could drop the detector into the water!

The detector’s underwater nature contributes to its versatility. People who hunt for jewelry at the beach and people who hunt for Civil War relics in freshwater rivers will both love it.

The ruggedness of the device extends to its battery life. The device can last for up to 20 hours with four AA batteries.

Operating Frequency

The VLF (very low frequency) AT Max has a frequency of 13.6 kHz. This is a good frequency for a multi-purpose machine because it gives you great depth and sensitivity.

This type of operating frequency helps us find smaller targets at a greater depth. The best part is that this multi-purpose frequency is great because it is like getting three different metal detectors for one!

With 13.6 kHz, you can discover gold nuggets, jewelry, coins, antiquities, and other metal treasures.


The AT Max’s bigger display LCD screen is one of the best in the industry. It features a backlight, making it easier to see in different lighting conditions.

The backlit display enables metal detecting to continue in low-light circumstances. It lights up the LCD display and makes it easier to see what is on the screen.

Besides the backlight feature, the control box on the Max also has a detection depth indicator, a digital target ID indicator, search mode selection, a battery indicator, and sensitivity controls.

There are different buttons on a metal detector that serve different purposes. You can adjust the detector’s settings, like its sensitivity and how it searches for metals.

Wireless Technology

Metal detection can continue in low-light conditions due to the backlit display. This technology allows for wireless headphone use with metal detectors.

If you’re a metal detectorist, you know that it’s really annoying when your headphone cord gets tangled. But don’t worry, because, with Z-Lynk technology, the signals are transmitted and received six times faster than Bluetooth!

If you are metal detecting in water, consider Garrett’s Underwater Headphones, which can be submerged up to 200 feet.


One important feature of metal detectors that is often overlooked is how comfortable they are.

How a detector is designed affects how long you can use it and how fun it is. The design can also make you better at finding things with a metal detector.

The AT Max weighs about three pounds. This is a good weight for a metal detector because it is not too heavy and not too light. Most people should be able to use it comfortably all day long while looking for treasures.

The detector has a rubberized, textured grip that will help you hold onto it, even if your hands are sweaty. This will enable you to utilize the detector for an extended time.

The machine is adjustable in length, making it easy to customize for each individual. Additionally, the armrest is padded and comes with an adjustable arm strap for added comfort, a small feature we appreciate.

Ground Balancing

Mid-level metal detectors can often be overlooked. People might not think about their ground balancing capabilities.

Ground balancing is the capacity of a metal detector to detect things buried in the ground despite interference from highly mineralized soils and other unusual ground conditions.

The Garrett AT Max metal detector is good for finding things on the ground because it has a ground balance control.

The Max has three different ground balance settings: automatic, manual, and the Garrett-Exclusive Automatic Ground Balance Window.

The automated ground balance helps to eliminate any unique interference signals from the ground by spreading different high-resolution ground balance setups.

Iron Discrimination

Suppose you want to find silver or other high-conductivity metals. In that case, it is smart to crank up the notch discrimination on several levels. This will help you avoid wasting time on metals you don’t want.

The AT Max will not allow you to hear target tones, but it will still show you numbers for any metals you have discriminated against. The Max has 44 iron discrimination segments, which means you can find more of the metals you want and less of the metals you are trying to avoid.

When hunting in an area with many old nails, it is important to use some discrimination. This means that you can choose how much control you want over each type of metal. The AT Max allows you to do this to pinpoint the level of discrimination you need.

Iron Audio

Iron Audio is a Garrett-Exclusive feature that lets you hear discriminated iron if you turn the feature on. It might seem not helpful, but using all-metal Iron Audio allows you to hear the target’s complete signal. You can figure out if it’s a washer, bottle cap, or something similar.

Search Modes

People love choices, and Garrett AT Max’s metal detector has plenty of them.

The AT Max has many search modes, including True-All Metal Mode, Coin mode, Zero discrimination mode, and a custom mode. It also has an electronic pinpointing mode. This is perfect for any situation.

One of my favorite modes is the True-All Metal Mode. This mode allows all types of metal to be detected, making it easier to find things deep down.

The pinpointer function assists treasure hunters in swiftly determining the precise location of their goal.

The custom search mode lets you choose what metals your detector will pick up. You can set the discrimination settings exactly as you want, giving you more control over what your detector finds.

Each time you use the Max, it remembers your customized settings, so you can enjoy turning on the gadget and immediately starting metal detecting!

Search Coil

The Garrett AT series is known for its high-quality search coils, and the AT Max is no different.

The Max comes with a PROformance DD search coil built for performance. Many experts at Kellyco love DD search coils!

The DD search coil is beneficial because it quickly covers a large amount of ground.

DD PROformance search coils often offer a much greater detection depth than other search coils. Generally, the larger the search coil, the greater the depth it will offer to treasure hunters.

This metal detector comes with a Garrett coil cover. This will protect your search coil while you’re looking for metal.

Bottom Line

If you use your Garrett AT MAX metal detector, you should learn how it works. You can find instructions online or in a booklet that comes with it. It is not hard, and if you learn how it works, you will not regret buying this product. You can go back to old hunting sites and find new treasures there.

More than that, the metal detector is rather cheap and won’t break your bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garrett AT Max Review

Does the Garrett at Max Have a Backlight?

The AT MAX™ is a ground-balancing detector. It has two options: automatic and manually adjustable. The backlit display also looks good, which people can see in the dark.

What Is the Best Metal Detector in the UK?

The best metal detectors are Go-Find Minelab 22 Metal Detector. Buy it now. It’s good in the ground and in the water, too. Garrett ACE APEX HP with Headphones Metal Detector is also good. You can buy it for £495.95 right now. Assume you do not wish to spend that amount of money. In that case, you could spend less with the Go-Find Minelab 66 Metal Detector, which costs £214.95–but only if you do not need it to be waterproof. For use in watery places like lakes or oceans or rivers, etcetera–or if this detector doesn’t need headphones (you might already have them). Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector is also very.

What’s the Difference Between Garrett at Pro and at Max?

The Garrett AT Pro will be good for you if you are a professional. It can find relics, coins, gold jewelry, and all metals. The Garrett AT Max is best for you because of its Z-Lynk wireless technology if you’re just starting out. You will no longer be concerned with cables!

Are Garrett Metal Detectors Any Good?

The Garrett-Ace 250 metal detector is the best in every category. It is better to find coins, relics, and gold. It can find these things in sand or water.

What’s the Difference Between Garrett at Pro and at Gold?

The AT Pro features an 8.5 x 11″ DD coil that provides adequate coverage during each sweep. Unlike the AT Gold, the AT Pro does not feature a threshold mode or an all-metal mode, but it may ground balance to salt.

How Deep Does the Garrett AT Max Go?

The all-terrain design protects the Garrett AT MAX from dust and water damage. In fact, it is fully waterproof up to 10 feet deep! That means you can metal detect where some others can not go.

Can Garrett AT Max Detect Gold?

The Garrett AT Max metal detector was designed to compete with the Minelab Equinox metal detectors. It is meant for finding Gold, coins, and relics in difficult conditions.

How Good Are Garrett’s Metal Detectors?

If you consider getting into the hobby of metal detecting, Garret makes some of the best detectors. The company has been making metal detectors since 1964. It offers entry-level models for casual enthusiasts and highly advanced models for serious hobbyists.

Is at Gold Better Than a Pro?

The Garrett AT Gold is the best option for finding small gold pieces and other low conductors. It has a high sensitivity of 18 kHz. However, the Garrett AT Pro is a more all-around metal detector that can be used for different purposes. It has the Pro Zero Mode with a discrimination setting of 31.

How Deep Can Pinpointer Detect?

This pinpointer detector offers tip-only detection, so you know precisely where the target is. This detector also works with no push-button switches, which is helpful because of the unique “tilt” on and off technology. The unique airtight design keeps it safe from dust, mud, and water up to a depth of 100 feet.

When Did the Garrett at Max Come Out?

The Garrett AT Max is a top-of-the-range machine that was released in 2022. It offers deeper detection than the Gold and the Pro.

What Is the Best Coil for AT Max?

This Detech 13″ Ultimate Search Coil is used with the Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, and AT Max metal detectors. If you upgrade to this coil, you will get better depth and more accurate pinpointing.

What Is the Difference Between the Garrett Ace 300 and 400?

The Garrett ACE 300 detector works on an adjustable frequency of 8 kHz. The Garrett ACE 400 detector has a higher adjustable frequency of 10 kHz. Higher frequency detectors have shorter wavelengths and are better for finding small things like tiny gold nuggets. Low frequencies penetrate further into the ground.

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