The Best Magnifier for Coins

When looking at coins to grade or find mistakes, magnifying tools help you see details that you can’t see with your eyes. Even if you have perfect vision, a good magnifying glass or loupe is needed for numismatics to figure out if a coin is unique and how much it’s worth. Coin collectors are always looking for good coins, and a coin magnifier is a perfect tool to help them in their search.

Do you need a magnifying glass to look at coins? As a hobbyist, you know that the value of a currency is based on its details. Even so, it’s helpful to have an ideal magnifying glass. This device can save you time and money by helping you see tiny details like mintmarks, double dies, errors, and the value of your coin.

There are many different magnifying glasses and Loupes available, but it can be hard to choose the right one. We have tried to make it easy for you by selecting some of the best magnifying glasses for coins.

Top Picks of Best Magnifying Glass for Coins

The right magnifying glass is essential for hobbyists when looking at coins. They need to be able to see the coin’s details to determine if it is accurate or fake.

Hence, magnifying glasses come in different types, sizes, and shapes. Some are handheld, while others are hands-free or adjustable with a stand.

After careful evaluation, we have found five magnifying glasses and loupes perfect for reading coins, stamps, gemstones, and other detailed tasks. Here they are:

1. Nazano Magnifying Glass with Lights

Do you collect coins and need a magnifying glass? The Nazano magnifying glass is perfect for coin collectors. It has 30x magnification and can be used for examining other items like maps, gems, newspapers, and other fine prints.

This magnifying glass has 12 mini LED lights that are bright and perfect for viewing coins, stamps, jewelry, and crafts. The LED lighting is healthy and will help you see better in the dark without tired eyes.

Another essential feature is that it is comfortable to hold in hand because of its ergonomic design. This magnifying mirror with a 3.5-inch diameter glass is battery-operated (required). The large double actual glass lens is durable and scratch-resistant.

It is one of the best 30x magnifying glasses because it gives a clear image. It is perfect for viewing small objects like coins, stamps, or jewelry. You can purchase this mirror with confidence because it is a good value. It is also an excellent gift for kids to explore life and for the elderly or people with low vision to see coins easily.


  • Bright light with perfect magnification
  • Worked perfectly, better than other magnifiers
  • Superb quality and price as well
  • Next level magnifying glass, highly effective
  • Excellent product for small details


  • Good material but magnification no more than 4x
  • Closer to 3x rather than 30x magnification

2.VIVOSUN 30X 60X Illuminated Magnifier

The Vivosun magnifying loupe is excellent for looking at coins, stamps, and jewelry. It has two different lenses of different magnifications. It makes it helpful in looking at a variety of things. People who collect items love this magnifier because of its features and small size.

The primary lens is 22mm for 30x magnification, while the other is 12mm for 60x. You can easily magnify and check coins, gemstones, and jewelry minutely with these high magnifications. Built-in bright LED lights illuminate your surroundings and help you inspect every detail of the objects, even in the dark.

This durable coin magnifier with light is made of aluminum alloy and plastic housing. It is very compact and can be folded up when not needed. It is also small enough to fit in your pocket. The magnifier also comes with a wiping cloth and a case to protect it.

This magnifying glass is perfect for many different things, such as coins, jewelry, and other details. It is easy to use and battery-operated. The Vivosun foldable loupe is a high-quality magnifier that will last long. You can buy it without worrying about the quality.


  • Amazing clarity to check coins
  • Perfect for trichome viewing
  • Amazing little jewel, great value for the price
  • 60x incredible with good light
  • Great product, great company


  • The lens was cracked
  • The lenses fell out

3. JMH Magnifying Glass with Light

The JMH brand magnifying glass is one of the best magnifiers because it gives clear and distortion-free images. The viewing surface is more prominent than other magnifiers, so it’s suitable for looking at things closely like coins. But this glass isn’t just for seniors or people with low vision. The American Numismatic Association also recommends 10x magnification for grading coins.

This handheld magnifier has 12 LED lights that you can turn on to see better. The lights use less energy and help people who are old or have a hard time seeing. It is made with unbreakable and transparent acrylic glass, making it a good choice for professionals.

The magnifier is easy to use with the ON/OFF button. It is perfect for people who need 10x magnification to read or do other tasks. However, 10x magnification is not ideal for viewing and reading a coin minutely. It would help if you had a higher magnification for this purpose. This special magnifier is also helpful for kids, miniature work, jewelry, crafts, etc.

This magnifier is ideal for elders and people with macular degeneration who have difficulty reading fine prints. The magnifier has a light that makes it easy to see the text, and it is perfect for people with an impaired vision of most types. Don’t hesitate to buy this one if you need a magnifier for reading fine text or doing similar tasks.


  • Excellent quality, very durable
  • Perfect size, incredible to read fine prints
  • Excellent magnifier
  • Solid quality, clear optics
  • Great for doing puzzles


  • The light won’t shut off
  • Handle overheated

4. Bysameyee 30X Illuminated Magnifying Glass

The Bysameyee 30x magnifier is one of the best professional coin magnifiers with light. This unique loupe is used explicitly by coin or stamp collectors and jewelers. It contains a double-layer 25mm glass lens that gives you a clearer image. It means that 30x magnification is perfect for detecting even the tiniest details on a coin, jewelry, stamp, or anything you want.

This table magnifier is made of zinc alloy with a black finish. It is a sturdy and long-lasting loupe that has a fixed focal length. You need to put it on the table, set the object in the center of the scale, and turn on the light.

This magnifying glass has three LED lights and three ultraviolet lights to help you see things more clearly. There are also two scales on the base to measure the size of objects.

The magnification of this magnifier is suitable for detecting counterfeit coins and seeing other details. This Amazon’s choice magnifier is the best coin loupe at an affordable price. It is also very enduring and scratch-free.


  • Perfect compact instrument
  • Suitable for reading, beautiful leather case
  • Great for the printing industry as a pressman
  • Perfect for reading dates on coins
  • Good quality for the price


  • Lighting very weak
  • Almost impossible to align

5. Awpeye Illuminated Eye Loupe Magnifier

These eye loupe magnifiers are Amazon’s choice. They are highly rated and have multiple magnifications. Suppose you are looking for a good quality magnifier within your budget. In that case, these are perfect for looking at coins, stamps, and gems in detail.

This package includes two types of magnifiers, and it is considered the best magnifying loupes for collectors. These LED Jeweler’s loupes are made with high-quality optical glass, ABS plastic, and aluminum. Each magnifier already contains a battery. Both magnifiers have all the great features that a good magnifier should have.

The foldable and heart-shaped magnifier has 30x and 60x magnification. The other magnifier with the square lens also has 30x, 60x, and 90x magnification. It can see all the details that the human eye cannot. The illuminated LED lights make seeing fine details of gems or coins in the dark easier.

These magnifiers are suitable for looking at coins, detecting fake ones, and more. You can choose between two different styles to get the magnification power you need. The first style will let you see enlarged coins, diamonds, science projects, etc. The second style will let you explore other things. These magnifiers are compact and portable, so you can take them wherever you go.


  • Powerful LED light
  • Great value for the money
  • Excellent tool for examining jewelry
  • Good loupe with UV light
  • Bright lights with LED


  • Weak Battery life
  • Too small lenses are challenging to use

Things to Consider When Buying Magnifying Glass For Coins

The value of coins is mainly based on how rare they are, their history, and how much people want them. That’s why it’s essential to have a magnifying glass to look at them closely. Before buying a magnifying glass, think about what you need it for. If you’re just a hobbyist, your needs might differ from someone who deals in coins as a profession or business.

We have listed all the things you might need to consider before purchasing a magnifying glass.

LED and UV Light

Coin magnifiers have built-in LEDs that make them last longer. However, if your surroundings are well lit, you don’t need the LED light. The light might also be expensive, so a good coin magnifying glass is worth the expense because it helps you see details.

UV light is essential to see if a coin is real or fake. People who are not experts in currencies still need UV light to see the difference. But it’s best if the magnifier has all the features you need, including light.


When buying a coin magnifier, it is essential to consider your eyesight. You should select a top-quality lens suitable for your eyes and not cause eye strain. However, be careful not to choose a low-quality lens full of scratches. This type of lens can cause blurred vision and stress your eyes.

Magnification Level

The power of a magnifying glass for coins depends on what you want to use it. Most coin hobbyists only need 10x magnification. But if you’re going to see more details, you can get a magnifying glass with 10x to 30x magnification. You can get a magnifying glass with 60x to 90x magnification if you need even more pieces.

Placement Distance

When looking at the coin, you need to stay a certain distance away from it. If you get too close, you will see a blurry or upside-down coin image. It would help if you got close to the magnifying glass when looking at tiny objects, like coins. But if the magnification is high, then the viewing area of the magnifying glass will be small.

Keep your eyes safe from the magnifying glass and the target object to see the image without distortion.

Quality Of Lense: Glass or Acrylic

When it comes to magnifiers, glass lenses are the best. They are transparent and scratch-resistant. However, they are heavier than acrylic lenses, and there is always a fear of them breaking. If you are looking for a portable and durable magnifier, acrylic lenses are the best option. You only need to protect them from scratches. Please keep them in a soft cover when not using them or carrying them with you.

Handheld Vs. Freestanding

There are two types of magnifying glasses: handheld and coin. Handheld magnifiers are ones that you hold in your hand. You can move them around to see things better. Coin magnifiers come in many shapes and sizes, such as hand-free or freestanding, tabletop, and headset. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

You can place a magnifier on a table or any even surface. Some magnifiers have an adjustable base, which gives you more control over how you use them. However, other magnifiers have a fixed focal point, which might be better for some purposes. You should think about your specific needs and the type of magnification you need before selecting one.

Single Vs. Multiple Lens

If you are a general coin collector, standard magnifying glass or loupe will usually have one lens and be enough to view the details you need. However, if you want to view all the details more closely, you will need more than one magnification. Most coin magnifiers or loupes have different lenses with different magnification levels that can be used to find fake coins, mintmarks, rare errors, and more.

Final Verdict

Magnifying devices are essential for coin collectors. But an excellent lighted magnifying glass is also vital for other hobbyists, jewelers, explorers, people with low vision, and seniors. We have tried to make it easy for you to choose the right magnifying glass by recommending a few goods for coins. It is essential to find a magnifier that you are comfortable using that meets your specific needs when examining your coin collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Magnifier for Coins

What Is the Best Way to Look at Coins?

Every collector knows that you should only pick up a coin by its edge. When looking at coins, I usually recommend using a 5-power or 10-power magnifying glass for a general evaluation and a 20-power glass if you’re looking at a specific feature.

What Is Used to Look at Coins?

There are a few types of magnifiers that coin collectors might use: magnifying glasses, loupes, small microscopes, etc.

What Magnification Does NGC Use to Grade Coins?

A Mint State or Proof 70 coin has no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification. It means that two professional numismatists have examined the coin.

What Magnifying Glass Do Jewelers Use?

Jewelers typically use a handheld magnifying glass to inspect gemstones and other jewelry. A 10× magnification is suitable for checking jewelry and hallmarks, the Gemological Institute of America standard for grading diamond clarity.

How Old Does a Coin Have to Be to Be Valuable?

The first rule for US dimes is that ANY dime with a date before 1964 is a good dime. Until 1964, and even after, United States dimes were made of 90% silver and 10% copper. It means that they are worth at least their silver value. If you have any dimes dated BEFORE 1892, please separate those coins.

What Is a Scan O Matic?

Scan-o-Matic can help you study microbes quickly and accurately. This technology is precise and can handle a lot of data simultaneously.

What Is This Coin App?

COIN is an app that will let you collect digital coins. These coins can be redeemed for rewards. COIN is a legit app because it will allow you to earn rewards passively.

Which Magnification Would You Select to Look at a Sample of Pond Water?

Using a microscope, you can see some of the tiny life forms living in the water. You will need to get some water from one of your samples to do this. Place one drop of water on the microscope slide and place it under the microscope.

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