The Best Metal Detecting Finds Pouches

Metal detecting is a hobby that can be enjoyed in many ways. It’s not just about using a metal detector to find things. You can also learn about the history of different places. To do this, you need more than just a metal detector. You also need the right accessories.

There are many types of metal-detecting bags and pouches available online. Still, it is important to identify the right one for you. Before we identify the different types of bags and pouches, we must understand the available types.

5 Best Metal Detecting Pouches

1. The Grey Ghost Ultimate Pouch

It is known to be the best pouch for finding metal objects. It is perfect for all types of metal-detecting targets. The pouch is strong and large, with inbuilt reinforcement and a mesh zipper pocket. It also has five pockets and drainage holes, making it easy to use underwater. Plus, it is lightweight, so that you can carry it easily.

Key Features

  • The weight of the pouch is 0.88lbs.
  • The size of the pouch is 13×10.
  • The size of the waist is 54.


  • It is lightweight, and you can carry it easily.
  • It is durable, so there are fewer chances of getting torn.
  • The pouch is waterproof.


  • The bag size is small compared to others.

2. Garrett Camo Digger’s Pouch

The market for this type of bag is very famous. It is because the history of this bag is very well-known, and the company that makes it is considered one of the best in the business.

The camo design and good quality of this product make it unique. It comes in different sizes, has durable zippers, and has a waist pocket. Plus, it has loops to carry all your tools and accessories.

Key Features

  • The weight of the pouch is 1.2lbs.
  • The size of the pouch is 12×10.
  • The size of the waste is 48.
  • The total number of pockets is 2.


  • It is available at a low price compared to others.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The durability rate of the pouch is good.


  • Not so big.
  • Not proven as waterproof.

3. Shrxy Metal Detecting Finds Bag Waist Digger Pouch

The material used to make the pouch is Cordura fabric. It makes it strong and able to withstand wear and tear. The double stitching, marine-grade resistant zipper, belt loop, and mil-spec binding all help to make the pouch high quality. You can store a lot of metal detecting finds in it without worrying about its size. It also has two pockets, which you can use to carry digging tools and a pinpointer.

Not only does this product have an exterior pocket for extra gear, but the main advantage is that you can easily access your water bottle and gloves.

Key Features

  • The total pocket is 2.
  • The belt loop is three wide.
  • The weight of the pouch is 322g.
  • The size of the pouch is 12 x 8 x 4.
  • The depth of the pocket is 7 5/8


  • The durability rate for this bag is good.
  • Attractive design with attractive color.
  • Perfect for artifacts hunter.


  • As it was not completely packed, I opened it from the top. There is a chance that something will fall from the pouch if you are in a hurry.

4. Wedigout Camo Finds Pouch

It is a metal detecting pouch that can carry finds such as relics, jewelry, coins, gold, silver, and more. The fabric is 800D oxford waterproof fabric and 420D nylon waterproof fabric. It makes it easy to carry and not too heavy. The main advantage is that it is durable.

Key Features

  • The total pockets are 2.
  • The weight of the bag is 5.6 ounces.
  • The material used for the pouch is waterproof.
  • The army green color of the pouch makes it attractive.


  • The pouch is waterproof, and the material is also of the best quality.
  • Perfect size with the perfect look.
  • The durability rate is good.
  • It is lightweight.


  • There is no discount on prices.

5. Calces365 Metal Detecting WaterProof Mesh Waist Pouch

This metal-detecting pouch is perfect for everyday use or when you go to the beach. The mesh material will let the water flow, which is perfect if you’re near the water. You can store all of your tools in the two pockets, and there’s even a carabiner on each side so you can clip it onto your belt. The belt is long and has a wide diameter so that it will fit everyone.

Key Features

  • Super Long 52 Inch Belt
  • 10 Inches by 11 Inches
  • Two Pockets with Carabiner


  • Mesh the Bottom to Allow Water to Flow Through
  • Great for Everyday Use
  • Perfect for Beach Detecting


  • It has limitations to storing more stuff.

Buyer Guide For Best Metal Detecting Finds Pouch & Bags


It depends on how much cash you want to spend. If you are a beginner, you might want to buy a metal detector bag that doesn’t have many pockets or loops. If you have a lot of money, you might want to buy one that has more features and is designed better. The price range for metal detector bags starts at $13 and goes up to more than $100.


When buying a bag, it is essential to ensure it is comfortable. If you purchase it locally, you can try it on to see if it is comfortable. If you are buying online, there are some things to check before you buy it. Ensure the bag is the right size- not too small or too big. The straps should be comfortable, with multiple pockets and a waist pocket for convenience.


You should check the weight of the bag before packing it. The bag should not be so heavy that it becomes difficult to carry after putting in the items.


The bag, its pocket, its loop belt, and the mesh on it should be waterproof. Hunting on beaches, riversides, or underwater can be more beneficial.

Types of Metal Detector Bags

Carry bags:

You can use Metal Detector Bag to transport your metal detector when not in use. It will help protect your metal detector and make it easier to carry. Many metal detectors have bags available to choose the best one for you. You can also fit other tools in the bag, like shovels and books.

Apron, Sheaths & Holsters:

The apron bag stores the digging tools, headphones, coils, and personal belongings. The apron is mainly carried across the waist. You can use sheaths and holsters to store digging knives and shovels.


The backpack is designed to carry gear. It has a shoulder strap, pockets, and loops to make it easy to take what you need. Different brands have different designs, but all backpacks have some standard features. They help carry metal detectors and other gear.

Sheaths and holsters are used to carry knives and shovels when you are digging.

Difference between Normal Bags and Metal Detecting Bags

People often carry bags when they travel. But there is a question of the difference between traveling bags and metal detecting bags. Bags for metal detecting are designed so that a metal detector can carry all the equipment it needs for the journey. People also carry snacks, small accessories, clothes, and toolboxes when they detect metal. It all depends on what the metal detectorist wants to bring with them. Your metal detecting bag should be strong and flexible enough to carry all your gear.

Why Should Pouch be Preferred for Metal Detecting?

It would help if you had an excellent pouch to store your metal-detecting finds when you’re on a hunt. This way, you won’t lose anything, and you’ll be able to carry everything safely. If you lose any finds, it can be very frustrating and costly. Make sure to get the right accessories for your journey; the pouch is the most important.

Metal Detecting Pouches

When looking for a metal detector pouch, it is essential to find one that will help make your hunts more successful. The pouch should store your finds easily and allow you to recover and keep your targets quickly. There are many different pouches on the market, so finding the right one is challenging.

What Pouch Should I Use for Metal Detecting?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a finds pouch for metal detecting. One of the biggest things people look at is how much gear and finds they can carry. They also want to be able to carry water bottles, digging tools, and sometimes even their pinpointer. The pouch should have enough space for all of these items. You can check customer reviews to understand what people think about different pouches.

Another critical factor is how durable the pouch is. Many of these pouches are made with heavy-duty Cordura fabric that can hold many things like finds, diggers, water, snacks, and other items. Many detectorists love products that have zippered pouches so they can close them to keep their more valuable finds safe.

A zipper pocket can help you keep your treasures safe. Many people use waist pouches. It would help if you thought about how strong the nylon belt is and how comfortable it will be. This will help you choose the best metal detector pouch for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; we would be happy to help.


I hope you found this guide helpful in learning everything there is to know about metal detector bags and pouches. It includes everything from prices and brands to storing objects and keeping the quality intact.

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