The Best Metal Detectors Shoes

Some people think it is a luxury to wear metal detecting friendly boots. But experienced metal detectors know that it is important to wear good boots if you want to find treasure.

Detectorists need to walk through a lot of different ground conditions. They also need good quality boots to spend a lot of time looking for treasure. The length of time you spend looking for treasure is what you need to think about when choosing your item.

Best Shoes For Metal Detecting

1. Smith and Wesson Footwear

These boots are designed to be comfortable when you are digging. They are made of leather and nylon so that you will be safe and comfortable.

A detector is important for your safety and comfort. In reality, many detectorists stop searching not because they are bored but because their feet are tired.

These are the best shoes for metal detection. They are made of specific rubber to help you stay safe and not slip. They also have a handy size zipper that makes them easy to wear and remove. You need to mention your exact size when ordering, so you don’t have too big or too small shoes.

These shoes are perfect if you go hunting occasionally, but they might not last as long if you wear them every day.


  • Made with Genuine Leather
  • The rubber sole provides a comfortable fit.
  • It was the ideal fit.
  • Maintain a firm hold.
  • Thanks to the side zipper, it’s simple to place on and take off.
  • With the leather upper, the soles provide a good grip.
  • Stiffness is avoided thanks to the strengthened toe.


  • Nicer on the pocket


  • The durability of the polished finish is questionable

2. Thorogood Men’s Waterproof Composite Safety Toe Boot

The more expensive choice for men’s wear could be Thorogood composite safety boots. They are more expensive than the other option, but they are worth the price difference. They have leather and a rubber sole, as well as composite toes. These boots are free from metallic items, making them the ideal choice for Metal detectorists.

These boots are great because they can protect your feet from energy and keep them warm. They do this by keeping out the cold weather.

Low weight and a perfect fit are essential features that don’t need to be mentioned because they are a must-have.

These boots are not electrically conductive, which means many sophisticated detection devices cannot detect them. They also protect you from electrical shocks and are water-resistant.


  • Leather upper.
  • Rubber sole.
  • GEN flex2 outsole.
  • Polyurethane footbed.
  • Composite shanks.
  • Fully grain leather.
  • Resist Oil and slip.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Waterproof.
  • Lack of electrical conductivity.
  • Transmit heat or cold.
  • Don’t have the slightest metal in it.
  • Composite toe to prevent stiffness.


  • Absorb shocks
  • Composite toe.


  • Not completely waterproof, as mentioned.

3. Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Pull-on Work Boot

The Ariat Tracy boot pair is high-quality leather and has a made rubber sole. It can protect your feet from fatigue, makes them durable, and waterproofs them. The boots are also metal detecting friendly because they have Waterproof leather reinforcements and a composite safety toe. You can also get discounts on the boots, which may be another reason people are attracted to them.


  • Imported leather.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Breathable mesh Lining.
  • Comfy insole.
  • Two-row stitching pattern.
  • Slip resistance.
  • Oil resistance.
  • Grained finish.
  • Perfect grip.
  • Fit perfectly.


  • Composite Toe.


  • Higher price than rivals.

4. SODA Dome-SA Vegan Mid-Calf Military Boot

These women’s mid-calf lace-up military combat boots are a must-have. They are the latest trend in women’s footwear, and they are made of all man-made materials, which makes them durable. They also come with several features, including a lace-up front, buckler back, and a zipper decoration on the side. The stitching is also up to par.


  • Lace upfront.
  • Mid-calf military boot for combatant women.
  • Buckled back.
  • Side Zipper.
  • Low heel.
  • Full side zipper, easing wearing and removing.
  • Smooth insole for maximum comfort.


  • Super comfortable
  • Synthetic.
  • Economical.


  • No water resistance.

Metal Detecting Boots Requirements

Any pair of boots will suffice for metal detection. There are conditions that a shoe must meet. Then they are.


There are numerous potential causes of erroneous signals. It may be the electricity wires, fences, cell phones, or shoes. Metal in your footwear will set off your metal detector. Therefore, while purchasing a new pair of shoes, ensure that they include no metal.

The boot’s toe is one of the most popular locations to detect metal. So avoid steel-toed shoes. They are helpful if you work in a shop or factory since they protect your toes from heavy objects that may fall.

However, they are a poor choice for metal detecting unless you want the stress and back strain caused by trying to keep the search coil away from the shoes. You can choose a boot with a composite safety toe if you still wish to safeguard your feet.

A shoe with a steel-reinforced sole may be durable, but walking in it will generate erroneous signals. Also, ensure that the eyelets of the shoelaces are not made of steel and do not mount shoe heel plates.

Do not confuse metal detecting boots with footwear compatible with metal detectors. These are metal-free shoes designed to avoid alarming the airport’s metal detector. They are helpful if you frequently travel by airline.

However, not all are ideal for metal detectorists because they must satisfy additional requirements.


It should withstand the pressure exerted by the foot when pushing down on the shovel. The sole must be sufficiently thick so that you cannot feel the pressure of the shovel’s blade when pressing on it.

It does not mean that you can use any shovel for metal detecting. Choose the one with the largest footrest. The sole should protect your feet from sharp pebbles, broken glass, and metal objects, particularly rusty ones like nails.

If your metal detects in trashy regions, you could potentially tread on these objects. And they may penetrate the bottom of your foot with ease. To find the target with their pinpointers, dig a trench with their trowels, and recover the buried metal, metal detectorists bend down frequently.

Therefore, you must build the boot to prevent creases and holes.

Water Hunting

Detectorists hunt in a variety of environments and weather conditions. Similar to streams, lakes, and beaches. In addition to the standards mentioned earlier, the water hunting footwear must meet additional criteria. Or, you can purchase a different one for hunting in water.

Typically, creeks are shallow; thus, your footwear must be waterproof up to a few inches. High ankles are beneficial for preventing water entry. If water comes in by accident, it should dry quickly. There are many smooth rocks in the waterways. You could easily slip and fall. Therefore, the sole must have excellent traction and be challenging to drop.

This YouTuber provides advice on boots and metal detecting in creeks in the video below. I concur with the first two. However, he utilized staples to make the shoe’s sole more abrasive.

It will keep you from sliding and falling. However, it is preferable to keep your footwear metal-free. I am aware that staples are too little to be easily spotted. But if the metal detector is too sensitive, it could send out false signals.

Typically, metal detectors are waterproof to the control box. Some may believe that they will maximize their devices by wearing hip waders. The opposite is true. For river fishing, hip waders may be helpful. However, metal detectorists must regularly squat to recover buried metal artifacts.

The water will become saturated with water, rendering it ineffective. It is preferable not to utilize it. It is also restricted because of environmental concerns.

Final Thoughts

Metal detecting can be a fun activity, but it’s important to do it safely. That’s why it’s a good idea to wear boots designed for metal detection. Smith and Wesson make some great metal detecting boots that are comfortable and durable. They’re also made from materials that won’t interfere with the operation of metal detectors.

To learn more information about Metal Detectors, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Metal Detectors Shoes

Do Metal Detectors Detect Your Shoes?

Metal detectors are meant to detect metal. With beat frequency oscillation technology, they are very sensitive to the presence of metal. Still, other metal objects like key chains, steel-toed shoes, belt buckles, etc., can also set them off. If metal detecting sandals work for you, it is best to wear them.

Can You Legally Use a Metal Detector?

Many people like metal detecting as a pastime. However, you cannot trespass onto private property to do it without the owner’s permission. If someone owns the property, they must permit both the tenant and the metal detectorist before they can start looking for buried treasure or find buried artifacts.

Do Timberlands Set Off Metal Detectors?

Composite toe boots are a good choice for people who need lightweight boots. They are also good for people who need to wear their boots in extremely high or low temperatures. Composite toe boxes do not conduct heat or cold as quickly as metal toe boxes.

Will Steel Toe Shoes Set Off a Metal Detector?

The metal in steel toe boots can set off metal detectors. This can cause many problems, like taking up to six hours to get through the detectors. If you don’t have to go through metal detectors, steel toe boots are perfect.

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