Nokta Metal Detectors Reviews: The Truth About These Detectors

Most people like finding valuable things that they can keep for themselves.

You might find some interesting artifacts and jewelry to add to your collection.

We have the perfect product if you are excited about metal detecting as a hobby.

Finding the best detecting buddy can be difficult for hobbyists or professionals.

We have prepared this Nokta Makro Simplex Metal Detector review to help you decide if it is a suitable detector for you. We will go over some of the features and what you can expect from this detector.

Nokta Makro Simplex Metal Detector Review

The Nokta Makro Simplex is an affordable metal detector that is easy to use.

Suppose you are looking for a mid-priced metal detector with advanced features. It won’t break the bank, and it has features that will help you find metals easily that save valuable detecting time.

Simplex is a product made by Nokta Makro. This Turkish company has become well-known for its high-quality products, even though it is a relatively new business.

In 2001, Nokta Detectors started. In 2014, the company combined with Makro Detectors to form the current Nokta Makro brand.

They make underwater sensors, deep detecting machines, and even artificial intelligence-enabled gadgets, among other metal detectors.

The Simplex model is one of the company’s most adaptable products. It provides advanced features in an easy-to-use way that delivers superior depth, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

For whom is it?

The Simplex is an excellent metal detector for everyone, especially newcomers to the pastime.

Besides being easy to use, the sensor also has advanced modes, sturdy construction, and high detection power that is fit for professional users.

The device is small and light, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.

You can use this machine in shallow water streams, marshes, beaches, parks, and in your backyard.

The Nokta Makro Simplex is a metal detector good for people with impaired hearing. It vibrates when it finds valuable metals, so anyone can find the signal and start digging.

What’s Included?

The Nokta Makro metal detecting machine is adjustable with a retractable shaft depending on your preference.

The control box has a backlit LCD screen to keep you updated on any changes. The box is also attached to the shaft.

The lower end of the shaft has a waterproof 11-inch searching coil connected to it. This coil can pick up metals, depending on the mode you choose.

The waterproof coil also has a very simple operation underwater so that you can uncover treasures below the surface.

You will need to use the USB charging cable included in the package to charge the machine. You can use any typical wall charging adaptor with a USB connection to set your device.

A headphone adaptor is the last item you need to listen to the warnings without disturbing others. This way, you can stay safe while still being aware of your surroundings.

Overview of the Features

Symplex is durable, lightweight, and portable. Its design and construction cause no fatigue or strain on your arm. These are its highest selling points:


The Nokta Makro Simplex is waterproof. You can use it in water that is up to 10 feet deep.

Adjusting the Frequency

The option to modify the frequency is another feature we like about this detector. It will help get rid of any electromagnetic interference to get accurate results.

Backlit LCD and Flashlight

The LCD backlit screen on this device provides clear visibility, even underwater. The control box also has an LED flashlight at the back, which can help you during night-time excursions.

Wireless Monitoring

This metal detector comes with a wireless monitoring feature that is useful when searching for something from a distance or when the device is underwater.

You can get updates and alerts about your home on your PC or smartphone once you download their software and integrate your devices.

Iron Volume

The iron volume feature will help you get rid of alerts or decrease their volume when the system detects that there is too much iron.

It’s a helpful feature if you’re looking for valuable metals in filthy places like junkyards.

However, you cannot lessen the volume of the iron when the device is in “All Metals” or “Beach” mode.

How to Use the Nokta Makro Simplex

The Nokta Makro Simplex is simple to operate. It comes with all essential accessories, so you can start using it right after unpacking it.

There are four different versions of this model to pick from.

The “All Metal” setting emits a single tone alarm when it detects any metal.

The “Field” mode will help you find specific metals, while the “Park” mode can help you find different types of metals.

The device is in the “Beach” mode; Minerals, slats, and seashore soils contain metals.

You can customize the iron’s volume and frequency levels according to your search location. Watch this video tutorial for more details to get the most out of your device.


Now that you know about the Nokta Makro Simplex, you can decide if it is perfect for you or not.

If you’re considering a metal detector from a different brand, here’s a great option to consider—the OMO metal detector. It’s high-quality and sure to meet your needs.

This device is a less expensive alternative to the Simplex. It has a 10-inch waterproof dd search coil that can detect metals eight inches deep.

The metal detector has three modes that you can use to customize your search for specific metals.

The LCD screen is easy to use and understand. You can see what the device is doing, function extra underground depth, and it will tell you if it finds anything underground.

The device is also waterproof so that you can use it on beaches and marshy areas.

This metal detector is good because it is lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable. It means that the experience will be more comfortable for you.

Lastly, this kit comes with a bag, shovel, and batteries so you can get started right away.


  • Completely submergible underwater
  • Exceptional iron volume feature
  • Easy rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof headphones included
  • Extra adjustability for transportation
  • Clear LCD backlit screen


  • It doesn’t support earphones from other brands
  • Not for seabed metal detecting

Who Does the Nokta Simplex+ Work Best for?

The Simplex+ is optimal for all users of metal detectors. It is priced near the upper end of the market for entry-level products. Beginners and newcomers to metal detecting will appreciate the low price and high quality. Still, the following characteristics will appeal to intermediate and advanced users.

Like a machine that can do everything and travel anywhere, it has the potential to be your go-to metal detector for everything.

On positive detection, the Nokta metal detector vibrates. This fantastic feature for the deaf makes underwater use very convenient.

How Effective Is the Nokta Simplex+?

The Simplex metal detector is equipped with cutting-edge technology. It operates at 12 kHz and falls inside the all-purpose zone for metal and object detection. It also contains a frequency shift capability to correct for electromagnetic interference or other detectors running on the same frequency by dialing down or up a notch.

As the detector is waterproof, the control box and headphones can be immersed up to 10 feet. Experts will appreciate the adjustable sensitivity with manual and modified settings and automatic and manual ground balancing. And there’s much more to praise!

Features & Benefits

Underwater Use

The metal detector from Simplex is totally waterproof. Everything about it is designed to maximize performance in challenging environments, such as intense sunshine and inclement weather on land and visibility and leakage while submerged. The LCD panel contains a backlight that allows some underwater visibility and a vibration feature that activates when it detects metal.

The detector also has an LED floodlight on the back of the control box, which is very useful for nighttime searches.

Bluetooth Audio Capable

This is a critical feature when the entire metal detector is submerged. It has an integrated wireless module compatible with the 2.4 GHz Green Edition Wireless Headphones from Nokta Makro. Fortunately, these Simplex+ WHP headphones are waterproof, so you may immediately immerse yourself in water without anxiety.

Iron Volume

This is a fantastic attribute! Typically, you must sacrifice some depth detection to distinguish iron metals from detection. Still, the Iron Audio function eliminates this requirement. It eliminates the need for notch discrimination while reducing or silencing ferrous metal signals. This technique enables you to maintain optimal depth perception without detecting iron signals in particularly trashy environments. Iron Volume is incompatible with All Metal and Beach.

The Notch Distinction

Notch Discrimination permits the user to exclude unnecessary metal signals that might otherwise be detected and reflected on the Target ID scale. Under the Target ID scale, 20 notch segments can be rejected or accepted. Notch discrimination cannot be used in All Metal mode, as planned.


The lightweight design of 2.9 pounds appeals to all types of metal detectorists. With less weight and effort than heavier models, the Simplex makes it easier to remain out all day or night without experiencing tiredness. The lightweight structure and user-friendly design make for an enjoyable afternoon of looking for experts.

4 Search Modes

There are four search modes on the Nokta Makro metal detector: All Metal, Field, Park, and Beach. All Metal setting gives a uniform sound for all forms of metal. You must use the Target ID scale to determine the type of metal that has been detected. The pitch will also increase as the search coil approaches the target.

Field mode is designed for the pursuit of relics. It emits a low tone for ferrous things and a rising high tone for non-ferrous objects. Use the Park mode for coin hunting. It offers three tones: low for ferrous, medium for non-ferrous and gold, and high for highly conductive targets such as copper and silver.

Beach mode is an additional search mode for the Simplex+ that permits ground balancing in the 0-99.8 meter range. This makes ground balance simpler in highly mineralized soils, such as moist sand and seawater at the beach. The automated ground balance for the other three modes ranges between 20 and 99.8.

Target ID Ratio

The Target ID Scale is a two-digit numerical method that provides a probable value of the target’s conductivity to indicate the detected target type. The scale provides values from 0 to 99. It is best to conduct a sample test to familiarize yourself with how the Simplex+ responds to various metals and depths.

In addition, keep in mind that huge objects may display a greater ID than their real conductivity value. The value may appear to “jump” based on depth, orientation, metal purity, ground mineralization, etc. Get acquainted with your metal detector.

Limitations Not for Diving

The Nokta metal detector is completely waterproof and can be immersed to a depth of three meters. Its retractable 25-inch adjustable shaft is another feature that makes it ideal for usage underwater. This incredibly tiny size is advertised by Nokta as being ideal for diving. However, it’s only good for diving if you don’t go below 10 feet, which is its depth rating.

The Simplex is not suited for deep seabed hunting if you are an ocean scuba diver.


It concludes our Nokta Makro Simplex Metal Detector review. This device costs a little more than metal detectors in the mid-price range. Still, it is very versatile and productive for both professionals and hobbyists.

This product is waterproof, highly customizable, lightweight, and portable. It is also a lot of fun to use. Plus, it comes with all the accessories you need, so you don’t have to worry about making extra purchases before you start using it.

The Simplex’s many features will ensure that your treasure-hunting trip is memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nokta Metal Detectors Reviews

Are Nokta Metal Detectors Any Good?

The Nokta Gold Kruzer is a great detector for finding small gold nuggets and gold relics. It has a high rating from customers and prospectors alike because it is versatile.

Is Nokta Makro a Good Metal Detector?

This detector is not good for finding things on the beach. It is very unstable and gives false targets. It deserves only two stars out of 5.

Where Are Nokta Detectors Made?

Istanbul, Turkey, is the place where Nokta Engineering started. They make metal detectors. They will use their knowledge of physics, electronics, and mechanics to make great detectors and be successful in the global market!

Where Is the Nokta Simplex Made?

Some amazing things have been found with the Simplex on Australian soil and overseas since its release in November 2019.

When Did the Nokta Makro Simplex Come Out?

The Nokta Simplex+ is a new metal detector designed for beginners with a very stable operation introduced by the Turkish manufacturer Nokta | Makro in 2019.

How Deep Does the Nokta Makro Simplex Go?

The Simplex Plus is a metal detector that can be used for research and is waterproof to 3 meters deep in both sea and freshwater.

Is the Nokta Simplex Multi-Frequency?

SMF technology is a high frequency that can also use to find gold. We think this new machine will have a gold search mode, so it will be able to help us find gold.

How Long Does the Nokta Makro Simplex Battery Last?

The headphone battery is supposed to last for 14-20 hours, but I have found that they retain power for 6-8 hours.

What Is the Easiest To Use Metal Detector?

The most popular metal detectors are the Nokta Makro Simplex, Garrett Ace, and Fisher F series. However, don’t let multiple screens and advanced features like an adjustable ground balance scare you. These features will allow you to grow into a hobby.

Is the Simplex Waterproof?

The Simplex+ is a waterproof metal detector that is lightweight and compact. It is easy to use and has turn-on & go capability. The pre-set search modes are from a single menu interface so that you can search for the metal in different places like the beach, field, or park.

Is the Nokta Makro Anfibio WaterProof?

The Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi is WaterProof to 16.4 feet – 5 meters. It gives you the same powerful performance on land as underwater. You can operate it wirelessly with the included 2.4 GHz wireless headphones. If metal detecting is your passion, this is the detector for you!

Can You Use Any Wireless Headphones With Simplex+ Metal Detector?

You can use the Simplex+ detector with the Nokta Makro Blue and Green Edition 2.4GHz Wireless Headphones. A pair of Nokta Makro Green Edition Wireless Headphones come standard with the Simplex+ WHP Metal Detector.

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