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Use the Freeform commands to enhance a parametric model to create a more visually compelling design. Creating highly shaped parts can be difficult using conventional modeling techniques. Freeform tools provide an alternate modeling approach to explore and create freeform shaped models using direct manipulation.

You can create an open sheet body using the Plane or Face commands. You can also use the Face command to close gaps. There are multiple tools provided to edit the form, join multiple bodies, and match to existing geometry. The resulting freeform solid can be combined or changed by adding 3D Model features.

You can also edit the freeform later. In general, the workflow for adding a freeform into a design:. Before and After Examples. Freeform Box. Freeform Plane :. Freeform Cylinder. Freeform Sphere. Freeform Torus :. Freeform Quadball :. Applying Match Edge command. In general, the workflow for adding a freeform into a design: Select the freeform shape that best represents the desired geometry.

Use the freeform edit tools to change the shape. If desired, create extra freeform shapes, edit them, and use Bridge to connect multiple freeform bodies.

Use Match Edge to match edges of the freeform body to sketch or model geometry. Tip: When choosing a spherical shape to start your design, consider using a Quadball shape which deforms more uniformly. A Sphere shape can be a good choice when you want to primarily deform the shape along the sphere axis.

Topics in this section To Create Freeform Part Geometry Create a freeform box, plane, cylinder, sphere, torus, quadball or face. You can also convert BREP geometry. Related Concepts About Part Modeling.



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